Rocket DAO Expert Conference
7 Sept 2018

Independent decentralized expert community with years of professional experience, and a good understanding of the newest technologies are a true value for the venture market which strongly needs to get free from subjective judgments and lucrative agreements. This is what Rocket DAO is actively working at. Rocket DAO Expert community celebrated its first milestone with an Expert Conference. Explore the details!

5 Sept 2018

Your unique chance to contribute to the development of an international Expert CommunityRocket DAO announces the start of an BOUNTY PROGRAM, we are ready to share our precious ROCK tokens to remunerate you for the specific expert tasks performed for our innovative platform.

Expert methodologies for blockchain startups evaluation
24 Aug 2018

More than 3 months of hardest work at Rocket DAO expert community development is finally over. And we are proud to announce that the first milestone is achieved: from now on we have well-tested and approved methodologies for all pre-determined parameters.

business model evaluation
22 Aug 2018

Launching a startup we are usually blindly in love with the idea, we imagine how it will generate revenue and conquer the world. But the reality isn’t always that optimistic. The key factor to a startup success story is a well-described and developed business-model. And good news is that from today we have a perfect methodology helping you evaluate the perspetivity of the business-model of your project.

token economy
07 Aug 2018

Are you ready for an alternative tokenomic’s evaluation methodology? Alexander Grablevski and Inga Gricheva did an excellent job! In the methodology we are glad to present to you today the authors describe token economy (tokenomics) as a set of rules (institutes) for internal interaction between projects’ participants based on a specific unit of value - token.

risk management
03 Aug 2018

Dearest expert community! It’s a pleasure for us to announce the newest methodology created by Vsevolod Sanchuk letting you evaluate project's legal risks

It implies answering the following questions: the extent to which existing legal regulation guarantees the absence of legal risks? what needs to be done to the project in order to minimize legal risks?

1 Aug 2018

Good news! Today we are presenting you one of the two new methodologies developed for tokenomics evaluation. The main idea of the methodology is to inspect the risks of price reduction and to range them.

risk management
27 Jul 2018

There are 2 alternative methodologies for evaluation project’s risks developed so far on Rocket DAO! First one created by Sergey Mikhailov is focused on negative situations which might happen. Valery Kot’s methodology is more concentrated on the level of uncertainty and actions that might be done to decrease it. 

product evaluation
24 Jul 2018

Dear community, we have a new intriguing methodology for product evaluation, which has 2 main focuses: 

  - Product as a solution of the job-to-be-done problem
  - Correspondence of the product technology to the blockchain paradigm

risk management
19 Jul 2018

There were created  many methodologies for risk analyses. But as we know blockchain sphere is specifically  at risk,  we need to have a perfectly good methodology for project evaluation on this parameter. But there is a challengeable choice. On one side, we consider the full spectrum of risks of a blockchain project. And on the other, we need a simple methodology for risks evaluation, because in our project we will work with a big number of startups. Presented methodology by Sergey MIkhailov has 2 main focuses: external and internal risks.