RocketICO co-hosts CryptoFactory - Blockchain and Cryptocurrency focused forum in Minsk, Belarus

The founding team of RocketICO has co-hosted a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency focused forum in Minsk which gathered blockchain enthusiasts from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. The event has attracted a lot of interest from the community and answered many vital questions on the essence of Blockchain technology, Project Marketing, Smart Contracts functionality, Initial Coin Offering as a tool to crowdfunding with its benefits and challenges.

Presentations from project teams, legal specialists, marketing teams and other remarkable speakers were held from 9am till 6pm with several coffee and lunch breaks and the networking opportunities were provided.

The main theme of the event organically shaped around ICOs as the most interesting subject. A lot of participants shared their experience in the field and formed partnerships. The audience received the information very well and asked profound questions, showing that ICO does not only exist as a concept, but is indeed a tool that many companies are evaluating to implement and utilise within their projects.

Remarkable was the presentation made by founding team of RocketICO - Gabil Tagiev and Dmitry Korzhik, revealing the new concept of ICO 2.0 and predicting the current market meltdown. Gabil has stressed the fundamentals behind his prediction of a slowdown and somewhat a reversal of the recent boom of ICO funding due to the lack of competent teams, working products and control of budget spending. This was further expanded by Dmitry Korzhik who shared his experience on the various ICO projects that received generous funding and been unable to deliver on the product. The presentation was concluded by presenting RocketICO platform concept brought to the market in order to improve ICO as a tool to fundraising, protect backer community and assist project teams in their successful launch and delivery on the product.