Startup product
3 Sept, 2019

Does the disruptive product really exist, who is responsible for it in the team and what do investors pay attention to? Let's find out in today's interview with Rocket DAO expert on product and business model parameters - Andrei Kuryan.

Crowd startup due diligence
28 Nov 2018

If many people become investors today, then a lot of people must assess startups. Only three specialized communities will participate in the venture process, such as the investment community, the startup community and the expert community. 

We are convinced, that the decentralization is the future. Therefore, in Rocket DAO we initially set a task to create a platform for building, functioning and developing of these three communities — of investors, startups, and experts.

Media 3 0
23 Oct 2018

Media of liquidity is a kind of a media-mask of the liquid assets which involve other users in its operations. Mediatization of liquidity perfectly fits in the ideas of the economy of attention. Very soon any kind of source in the world of liquid assets will have its own substitute as a token medium, so all emissions will be interested in the price growth of their tokens.

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Blockchain internet
15 Oct 2018

Tokenization will eventually cover the Internet as a whole and all Internet activities sooner or later. Brand new tokenized digital assets will appear on the market.  

Here in Rocket DAO,  we understand perfectly well the true meaning and the future of the Internet of liquidity. That is why we are developing the platform where each blockchain startup will project the level of liquidity of its assets.

21 Jun 2018

From the previous part of the article it has become more or less clear how the use of assets looks. However, many of you will be interested in how the system will manage complex assets. Or, how does it link the assets belonging to various owners for obtaining from them a new production chain with set parameters?

Structural Capital Management on Rocket DAO platform  Part 2
14 Jun 2018

External and internal structural capital; the platform, which turns external structural capital into internal one.

Structural Capital Management on Rocket DAO platform  -  By Miroshnichenko A.N.
7 Jun 2018

How to keep modern business alive if the situation in the market is absolutely unpredictable and changes every second? And what if you’re not able to define at least approximately, what factors should be considered, when doing a situation development analysis?

What components form rating of an ICO project?
April 9, 2018

The way to choose the most promising and reliable ICO project was already described in the articles: "How to choose an ICO project?" and "ICO for Dummies. How not to lose your funds and perhaps make money?". In these articles you can also find information on how to identify deliberately fraudulent ICOs. And in this publication we want to focus on the main components of each ICO which constitute basic elements in forming overall project’s rating.

Is it worth investing in an ICO to earn passive income?
Mar 30, 2018

If you are going to invest in an ICO, first of all be reasonable with your expectations. According to the latest data, in 2018 76% of ICOs held have brought only losses to their investors. Some of these projects turned out to be just scams, others were not able to offer successful tokenomics to the market or simply overestimated their technical or organizational capabilities. Risk of suffering losses in an ICO industry is very high now. If you want to know how to weed out deliberately fraudulent projects and select the most promising from bona fide ICOs, read our article "How to choose an ICO project".

How to choose an ICO project in five steps?
Mar 22, 2018

How to choose the right ICO project for investment which will bring income or at least will return invested funds? How to identify a fraudulent ICO? How to understand which of the ICOs you are interested in are the most promising? Everyone is asking these questions when they want to invest in an ICO - economy sector that can make you either a millionaire or leave you without a penny in your pocket. Similarly to all revolutionary economic phenomena, ICO is not regulated yet, and only you can guarantee safety of your investments.