Jan 31 2018

Recently Vitalik Buterin has provided his view on the new enhanced model of ICO - DAICO. The founder of Etheteum makes use of "some advantages" of the concept of decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in this model in order to make initial coin offerings (ICO) more democratic and safe for investors. - NEWS

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Jan 29 2018

RocketICO team has visited HDAC.IO headquarters in Seoul, Korea. On the photo you can see (left to right): Gabil Tagiev (RocketICO), Robert Choy (HDAC), Sasha Shuhayeu (RocketICO), Sergey Medvedev (WeChain), Sergey Repko (WeChain) and Won Lee (HDAC). Read more..

Dec 28, 2017
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree "On the development of the digital economy" that would allow the use of digital currencies in the country legally. Read more..
Dec 18, 2017
Exciting news for all those who have been watching RocketICO activity closely in the past few month - a demo version of the RocketICO platform has been released Friday 15th of December!
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Dec 15, 2017
It is time to acknowledge the fact, that since the middle of autumn of this year many companies that launched their ICOs have been facing difficulties in raising funds. The reasons behind vary, but the most common one is - unprecedented growth of the number of companies that are raising funds through ICO
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Nov 22, 2017

Decentralized startup accelerator RocketICO begins implementation of Bancor’s Smart Token™ protocol on its platform. Bancor Protocol™ enables autonomous convertibility and formulaic price determination for tokens on smart contract blockchains. These Smart Tokens hold one or more “connector” tokens directly in their smart contracts, allowing anyone to buy or sell a Smart Token for any of its connector tokens at a continuously calculated price, according to a formula which balances buy and sell volumes...
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