RocketICO Manifesto

It is time to acknowledge the fact, that since the middle of autumn of this year many companies that launched their ICOs have been facing difficulties in raising funds. The reasons behind vary, but the most common one is - unprecedented growth of the number of companies that are raising funds through ICO, amongst which you can still find many incompetent and weak teams as well as scam projects. Moreover, the companies that have successfully raised millions of dollars this summer have yet not delivered on their promises nor launched the suggested products to the marketplace, therefore losing their token value. As so many investors have put their investments into ICOs on hold or turned towards more conservative approach by simply transferring their holding into the already established cryptocurrencies such as BTC. It was expected. According to our views the current state of ICO fundraising goes against capital market principles. If a project raises substantial funding at a very early stage, the temptation to change the project or turn the company into an investment house rather than to deliver the suggested product/service to a market is hunting the project teams. Many teams relax into thinking “the job is done” at this stage and the force behind the product creation evaporates. This is not to mention that not all the suggested products/services find the demand from the marketplace and some simply vanish into history. It is obvious that now is the right time for a new model of ICOs to emerge. According to our believes, it will be appropriate to adopt a classical model of tested for years Venture Capital investing for the new ICO 2.0. Such principles suggest that each project gets appropriate funding in rounds (or in stages), depending on the tasks, goals and their fulfilment in each round. In such way, should a project fail to deliver on MVP, further funding will not be made possible to the team, as each tranche is subject to delivery of the previously stated promises. In this way scam projects and weak teams will be eliminated at the stage of idea or MVP, leaving the market with only strong ideas and effective teams, able to deliver on their obligations. RocketICO platform will introduce the round (stage) system for fundraising. Click here to see full explanation of each round of the system and its terms and conditions. Being the prototype and guinea pigs for our future ICO’s, RocketICO adopts the same principles first. We will prove our model to be the most efficient, transparent and fair to all market participants. Therefore we announce 3 stages or rounds for our ICO: In the 1st Round we are planning to raise USD 1-2Mn. for MVP development In the 2nd Round we are aiming to raise up to USD 5Mn and release the product final version with an established client database. In the 3rd Round we are aiming to raise up to USD 10Mn to scale our platform internationally and enhance our community building. We decided to prolong our ICO as we believe that it will benefit our backers as well as the project. There are a few reasons for us to do so: 1. Overall market conditions which we described in full in the previous paragraphs. We believe that investors need more time to conduct their Due Diligence and make decisions. 2. Next week we release demo-version of our platform. It will not yet be an MVP but you will be able to evaluate and see the interface and major features and principles of the platform 3. We have to admit that the interruptions of Ethereum network due to CryptoKitties as well as recent fluctuations of major cryptocurrency prices have also influenced our decision to extend 4. Moreover, all the outside circumstances dictate that the decision is more than appropriate - having our development office in Belarus puts us in a strong position given the recent press release of the government’s crypto-friendly decree effective from January 2018. This decree will greatly benefit our company and put it into a very strong place in terms of regulation and legislation. Given all the above mentioned we extend our ICO till February 15th 2018 and are hoping that we will be able to deliver the MVP just in time for the ICO closure. To ensure you that our best intentions are with our backers we offer 10% bonus on top of already given bonus to those participated in pre-ICO and ICO early stages (i.e. if you participated at 15% bonus, now you will be allocated 25% bonus in total). Thanks for your support and let’s keep moving!