RocketICO Adopts Bancor Protocol

Decentralized startup accelerator RocketICO begins implementation of Bancor’s Smart Token™ protocol on its platform.

Bancor Protocol™ enables autonomous convertibility and formulaic price determination for tokens on smart contract blockchains. These Smart Tokens hold one or more “connector” tokens directly in their smart contracts, allowing anyone to buy or sell a Smart Token for any of its connector tokens at a continuously calculated price, according to a formula which balances buy and sell volumes. This enables Smart Tokens to be continuously liquid and easily convertible through any Web3 wallet. Bancor provides Smart Token creators with turn-key solutions for their smart contracts as well as bounty and community management applications where token holders can discuss and follow relevant topics and updates. The blockchain community showed its support for the protocol through a record-breaking Token Generation Event for the Bancor Network Token in June 2017.

RocketICO is creating a safe and efficient ecosystem for startups, experts and investors to conduct work, transact and launch successful revolutionary projects into the market. The platform will serve as a home-base for blockchain driven solutions and projects, many of which will issue their own tokens. The Bancor Protocol provides a powerful liquidity solution for all such tokens which will be immediately and continuously convertible through the network following their distribution. RocketICO member tokens will benefit from:

• no additional commissions or fees to be listed,
• decrease in price volatility thanks to formulaic pricing,
• no spread as buy and sell prices are identical through the smart contract,
• continuous and additional liquidity regardless of exchange listings.

RocketICO is proud to integrate with Bancor to offer an innovative solution to support a high volume of diverse projects launched from the platform, and to encourage the creation of network effect between them. This solution to the liquidity challenge so many new tokens face will allow a wide variety of ideas and teams to flourish, and the entire blockchain industry to expand and progress. Implementation is planned to take place in March - April 2018.

For more information about the Bancor Protocol, please visit the Bancor site and read the Whitepaper.

For more information about RocketICO, please visit RocketICO site and read the Whitepaper.