Last Development Updates (30th April - 4th May)
4 May

Hi there, guys! We will be ready to present you the first versions of our products soon and here are some fresh updates for RocketDAO.Fund.

Security Audit
April 26, 2018

Hello, guys! Some fresh news for today;)
We are getting prepared to release the first version of Rocket.Wallet with basic functionality. At this stage we will also carry out a security audit, therefore we are setting up a bug bounty program.

Mar 20, 2018

Dear RocketDAO community,

We are happy to announce the freshest product updates. You can learn more about the products we are developing in this article: Official Announcement.

Digital revolution in business relations (part 4)
Mar 2, 2018

As you learn how to manage transactions, you will learn how to manage the world…

Today, we are witnessing how things are transformed into digital functionality. Nowadays we are already buying not simply an aircraft engines, but guaranteed functionality with maintaining service of this functionality in a certain period which is included in price. Moreover, we don’t pay for engine as a whole thing at one time - we rent its functionality and constantly pay for engine while it works.

Feb 26 2018

Transaction’s digitalization and Digital revolution

Certainly, blockchain has made revolution in business relations. Below are some facts as a prove of it:

  •  Low transaction commission of blockchain enabled to efficiently manage working capital of several firms which are involved in business relations. This has sharply speeded up and reduced transaction’s cost between firms....
Digital revolution in business relations (part 2)
Feb 16 2018

Transaction and resource

Ronald Coase defines the nature of firm through two elements - resource and transaction. Resource is a source of the function of this resource (i.e. food satisfies hunger- it is its function). Connection of the resource with other resources is ensured by transactions.

Digital revolution in business relations
Feb 08 2018

Many people have become more enthusiastic about Blockchain as soon as they saw the potential it brings. Blockchain can radically transform not only the financial industry, but also business relations and even society as a whole.


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The main problem of a start-up
Jan 31 2018

All the start-ups face ‘the Main’ problem. Each one of you most probably know the problem I am pointing to, but let’s go deeper into the question. You work on your project day and night and create something fundamentally new. As a rule, you know your industry really well and you are sure that your project is something so new and unique that the market will be able to evaluate and appreciate it. Read more..