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15 May 2019

We are starting Beta testing of the new version of the platform. Amazing news, isn’t it?


Startup assessment
2 Apr 2019
We are glad to announce that very soon we will launch an absolutely new version of Rocket DAO.
Hurry up to get your early access to the closed beta testing!
20 Mar 2019
This year Rocket DAO team hosted a meetup in Minsk within Startup Europe Week! Doing our best at building not only an online but also an offline startup and venture community!
21 Feb 2019

The second part of our article about startup unicorns is dedicated to financial modeling, risks assessment and legal risks minimization.

We have collected the most precious insights for you!

startup unicorn
12 Feb 2019

High time to lift the veil of secrecy and explain how startups should get prepared for fundraising. Below we will tell you what investors pay special attention to while making their investment decisions.

24 Jan 2019

Rocket DAO team is glad to announce that finally, we have completed the first public startup evaluation procedure based on the methodologies developed by our expert community!

The first crowd DueD was conducted for Multy - an open-source multisignature wallet for Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens. 

View it via the the link.

03 Jan 2019

There are two basic startup strategies:

  • to create a business and generate income;
  • to sell a technological solution as expensive as possible so that to transform their engineer dreams into reality and gain profit from it.

The question arises. How can one evaluate the project’s product taking both strategies into consideration?

business model
20 Dec 2018

Those startup teams which have quality competencies in the creation, variation, and development of business models are in greater demand rather than the ones which are concentrated on tweaking of a perfect technical solution only. 


In order to evaluate a business model of a project one should take into consideration:

  • Value creation schema;

  • Value proposition potential;

  • Costs structure.


Read the article for details!

10 Dec 2018

For crowd investing one should determine some new criteria for the quality assessment. New methodologies should be:

  • approved by the expert community as the source of accurate, reliable, objective data about a startup;
  • accepted, understood, and credited by investors;
  • effectively used by experts with different backgrounds by means of the transparency of the technology, objectiveness, and unambiguity of the assessment.

And here is the explanation of how we achieve this!

Crowd startup due diligence
28 Nov 2018

If many people become investors today, then a lot of people must assess startups. Only three specialized communities will participate in the venture process, such as the investment community, the startup community and the expert community. 

We are convinced, that the decentralization is the future. Therefore, in Rocket DAO we initially set a task to create a platform for building, functioning and developing of these three communities — of investors, startups, and experts.