Work at the evaluation form creation for the Rocket DAO Expert bounty program continues

Bounty program

As you know, Rocket DAO Expert started a bounty program since the 1st of September, 2018 which will last for 1 year. Our team is glad to announce that on the 1st of October we took stock of results which we are going to share with you.


Our expert Valery Kot developed an alternative methodology for the parameter Resources and Assets which you can easily find in our knowledge base.


One more member of the Rocket DAO expert community Alexander Drobyshevski developed a new methodology for the project’s market potential evaluation. These instructions are available via the link in our blogand in the knowledge base as well.


And the last but not least Rocket DAO expert Alexander Grablevski developed the first evaluation form for the methodology on tokenomics parameter, the one created in cooperation with Inga Gicheva.


And all experts received ROCK tokens in accordance with our bounty program conditions for the activities they had successfully performed! Check out our bounty tasks, choose the most suitable ones right for you and participate in the program!


Expert meetups

What is more, we keep uniting expert community organizing meetups and discussing evaluation forms, accepting them and presenting new methodologies to each other. Evaluation forms are of high priority right now as they will allow automating procedures of startup evaluation.


At the latest meetup on Tuesday we’ve heard two presentations of evaluation forms developed by Valery Kot (for assets and resources methodology) and Sergey Lavrinenko (team potential).


The key idea of the approach of the first speaker concerns the fact that on each investment round projects need a specific set of assets and resources. And the main functions of this set are to protect investors’ interests. Other experts were impressed by Valery’s logic and mechanics of using information from other evaluation forms and data verification.


Sergei’s approach is laconic, pragmatic and formal in a good way. He dividedstartup teams into 3 groups according to their competences, suggested to highlight the most important ones and evaluate them using some formal parameters. Projects should present evidence of corresponding their team members to these parameters.


For today we have a new alternative methodology for the team potential evaluation developed by Vadim Soroka. He proposes a deeper exploring of the startup team using psychological and sociometry methods. This methodology will be presented at the nearest meetup.


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