Updates. Customization and mobile adaptive.

Warm intro

This summer promises to be reach on improvements and updates of the platform. 


We are dwelling on the development of the user-friendly and useful ecosystem solution restlessly. Like every day, every hour all our thoughts are dedicated to Rocket DAO only. And we are not exaggerating. 



Those who have already registered on the platform might have already noticed nice updates. 


1 Personal account

Can you see those three minimalistic lines at the top left corner of the page? This is your personal account. Should you be a startup, investor (either business angel, venture fund, angel network) or expert will see a same-titled icon.


Clicking this icon you will be able to:

  • see your profile and edit existing information (if the profile is already finished)
  • continue registration (if you haven’t managed to finish registration already for whatever reason)


1.1 Startup

As for the registered users now you can:

  • see the total number of likes, profile views, and the sum in the waitlist that investors claim they are ready to invest in your project
  • manage the team members registered on the platform: see who has already registered and resend invitations if necessary to the new members 
  • click edit to submit recent updates in your startup's profile


Clicking on a Startup icon you may also register a new startup by clicking in the big plus (this is also applied to those who don’t have any registered accounts yet), and manage all the projects you have efficiently from a single place.


1.2 Investor

By clicking on the Investor icon you will see all the profiles you have for the three categories of investors predetermined on the platform: Investor (read Angel investor), Fund (which stands for Venture fund) and Angel network. Consequently, if you don’t have any registered investor account yet, you may create it by clicking the plus symbol.


Just as for startups here you may see your profiles, manage their members and edit any info you wish.


1.3 Expert

As soon as an expert registers an expert profile in he/she may add new evaluation parameters and add new relevant achievements in the personal profile.


One will also be able to monitor current expert rating on each evaluation parameter and the sum of the tokens already transferred to the digital wallet for the tasks performed (this information is reflected under the avatar). The number of total tasks to be done and the number of the ones accomplished (or at work) are also displayed in this section.


At this section an expert may edit any information which was provided during registration, such as: chose a new expert role, add or correct skills and competencies, update information about working experience, share new links to the social networks, change preferable working hours in the working calendar and set new regime for the platform notifications 


2 Common features

2.1 Likes projects

Have you noticed a cute heart below your avatar? It’s a Likes section.


Now in the individual account users may track the startups which they have followed on the platform. Name of the startups, their short description, and the date user liked them are displayed in this section.


2.2 Mobile adaptive

From now on the mobile version of our platform looks just as great as the desktop one. Haven’t you tried it yet? We did, and really enjoyed it!


2.3 Bug fixes 

Since the release, we found and correct all the possible bugs to make your experience on the platform as comfortable and pleasant as only possible.


Can’t wait to get your feedback on the updates!


Hope you all are fine!
Rocket DAO dev team.


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