The third methodology for Resourсes and Assets is developed!

Hey, guys! We are happy to announce the 3rd methodology developed on Rocket DAO Expert by Stanislav Dzhambazov. This methodology is for evaluation project's resources and assets. Looking forward for your expert feedback and will be glad to see you joined our community: Rocket DAO Expert Vision.

Project evaluation methodology for Resourсes and Assets 
Author: Stanislav Dzhambazov

General information
The asset is a resources controlled by the entity as a result of past events from which future economic benefits are expected. This benefit is related to the possibility, directly or indirectly, to realize cash inflows or cash equivalents of the enterprise. The assets of each enterprise are numerous and varied. This heterogeneity is conditioned by the nature of the activity being carried out. It is quite natural that the differences in the tasks performed require non-uniformity in the means used.

Notwithstanding the differences in the asset pool of each enterprise, the following are included:
• All those enterprise-owned resources that have a substance in substance and play a specific functional role in the process;
• All receivables of the enterprise from third parties that exist in connection with the
operation of any legal norm;
• All costs incurred by the enterprise - material, labor, and financial, from which it
expects some result;
• All intellectual property products owned by an enterprise that do not have a material substance but have a misleading and utilitarian value and benefit (in the process of using it);

An expert should answer the following questions on this section:
● What assets does the company have?
● What long-term assets are available?
● What Intellectual Property Rights Owns?
● Is beta version develop?
● What is the capacity of the marketing campaign?
● Code

Assets can be grouped in a certain way. For this purpose different classification features are used - economic content, functional role, degree of liquidity, form of existence.
Assets are subdivided into long-term and short-term.

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