The second methodology for evaluation of project’s marketing and PR is developed!

Dear community, we are glad to present you the second Rocket methodology, for this time - developed by our expert Alexander Drobyshevski: Project's marketing and PR evaluation. Looking forward for you feedback after reading it and feel free to join our community: Rocket DAO Expert Vision

Marketing check-up consists of two main domains: market or ecosystem and promotion activities. Evaluation of these two factors helps evaluate the certain level of marketing power for stakeholders and target audience. 

While developing a project (startup), 2 main marketing tools are evaluated: the level of project’s ecosystem, including value proposition for stakeholders and the level of project’s promotion mix. The value for ecosystem should put the new terms of cooperation or the new links for leverage success of the project. The evaluation of the promotional level helps take decision of community engagement and as a result for future sales power.

Get necessary details about the methodology following the link.

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