We are growing very fast. MAU has 25% of stable growth. We have launched our own media Startup Jedi and even organized a series of workshops for startups. With the increasing interest to our platform, with the increased number of registered users on the platform we couldn’t but add Search!


First autumn update

Let it be the first significant update of this autumn. More are coming very soon, stay updated!

So now let’s have a closer look at the released functionality.

Search is available for all users: both registered ones and the visitors of the platform. You will notice a beautiful window in the header of the marketplace.


So how does it work?

By default the search is conducted for All category, t.e. among all the users and venture organization which finished their registration on the platform.


So in the Search window you may:

  • enter the name/heading/word you are interested in and choose available variants from the drop-down menu or click Enter to see the page with all results;

  • use a quick location filter - just start entering the location, choose the one witten down in green, click on it - and you will see a page with all the users and profiles associated with the location;

  • go deeper and start searching in each specific category: startup, investor, expert, accelerator.



By clicking on the Startup category you will open a page with all the startups registered in the platform, displayed in the following order:

  • Startups with preliminary evaluation (from there you can open their profiles with details and expert conclusions about the results of the evaluation);

  • Startups with Due Diligence (projects which undertaken hard Due Diligence conducted by Rocket DAO Experts using in-house methodologies);

  • Popular startups (projects with most ‘likes’ given by the platform users);

  • All startups.


Besides in the top of the page you may notice 4 custom convenient search filters (their number will be extended later). So using them you may find projects:

  • From concrete industries you are specialized or simply more interested in;

  • From different countries (the headquarters location, to be more concrete);

  • On specific investment rounds (from pre-seed to B Series);

  • With peculiar business models (with customers, business and government as key players).

Practically the same logic is applied to the rest of the categories.


By clicking the Investor category you will get the list of all investors already registered on Rocket DAO in the following order:

  • Venture funds

  • Angel networks

  • Business angels.


The filters that we chose to make your fundraising and networking experience on the platform even more convenient are as follows:

  • Industry: that is the industries from which investors are more likely to invest in startups in;

  • Location: the countries from which the startups that may interest investors’ work and develop their products;

  • Investment size range: the average range of financing that an investor is ready to offer for a deal;

  • Business model: the type of the business of the startups that investor is more interested in;

  • Investor type: here you can make your search more specific by choosing among venture funds, angel networks or business angels in advance.



Here you can study professional profiles of those specialists who are responsible for conducting evaluation of the startups on our platform.


The filters you can use here are:

  • Location: the countries where experts live and work;

  • Evaluation parameters: those evaluation criteria which experts specialize in (business model, marketing and PR, technologies, tokenomics, assets and resources, lega, team potential, risks, product, market, financial model).



And last, but not least - our new role on the platform - Accelerators. Filters here greatly remind the ones in the Investor search:

  • Industry;

  • Location;

  • Accelerator type: as you remember there are 3 of them - Private, Corporate and Government);

  • Investment size range: the maximum funding sum that an accelerator is ready to provide to accelerating startups.


Hope you will enjoy this update as much as we do.

Always yours,

Always there to assist you,

Rocket DAO development team.

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