Rocket DAO Team visited Japan Blockchain Conference 2018 Tokyo

Rocket DAO Team visited Japan Blockchain Conference 2018 Tokyo

Our team think that Asian market is quite promising for blockchain in future as now it’s already progressing actively. Our CEO Sasha Shuhayeu visited Japan Blockchain Conference which was held at Tokyo International Forum. More than 100 experts in cryptocurrency, blockchain companies and organizations from all over the world gathered in Tokyo. About 5 000 participants joined the conference there!

Domestic and international leading companies and organizations, which are expected to play important roles in the future of blockchain technology, got together, exchanged information, and developed relationships through friendly competition.

The ideas, learnings, and inspiration from the event was shared externally around the world using the influence of the attendees and organizers. At the conference a tailored service to match Japanese and foreign companies was provided for the organizers! As well as support to exhibitors that approach specific companies to ensure a helpful and beneficial exchange between the various parties.

There Sasha Shuhayeu got acquainted with many professionals and we are looking forward to expand our expert decentralized community.

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