Rocket DAO Team in Silicon Valley

Hey, guys! If you actively follow our news, than you should  know that our team visited SVOD (TOP INTERNATIONAL STARTUP INVESTMENT CONFERENCE) and Gabil Tagiev (COB) and Arthur Pinchuk (Board Director for IT Strategy) have recently come back and shared with us their impressions and thoughts!
As you know, Silicon Valley is the hub of venture capital and it became “icon” place which serves as the global center for high technology, innovation, universities, venture capital and  social media. There were lot’s of attempts to create such place in other countries, but they failed, because of different reasons, so Silicon Valley became a unique environment for startups, that’s why we decided to explore it from the inside by visiting SVOD conference. Our team sees some prearranged structure in it and all pros and cons.

As we found out, venture system of Silicon Valley doesn’t really accept ICOs and tokenomics, it’s not ready for such format of fundraising. But anyway, there is some interest to the format which is familiar to us, they inquire for example about big accelerators and invest cautiously. In any case, if several years ago Silicon Valley was the center for startup investment, than today ICO undermine all this venture system and gets much more money.

You may ask how that information is connected with Rocket DAO project and we will give you the answer! We want to take all the best elements from venture system such as legal, KYC, expert community and round system, as such model creates a new paradigm for safe and effective interaction between project teams, ICO backers and experts in the context of creating and launching blockchain projects and adopt it this approach for blockchain system.

It might  sound pathetic, but we are on the way for developing Blockchain Silicon Valley - Rocket DAO!