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Here in Rocket DAO we have recently developed the first version of our startup evaluation system. That’s great, isn’t it? And now we are about to start testing our methodologies and evaluate startups in a test mode. We are truly eager to expertly assess all sides of the projects, that is why we need to collect and confirm huge amounts of information.


The system we are developing is a big and the most trustworthy one. Receiving an expert review any startup registered on the platform will eventually get access to the investors of the platform and start their fundraising campaign.


We think it’s high time we explained to you why this thorny path startups need to pass prior starting a fundraising campaign on our platform is really worth all the time and resources spent on it.


Business plan investment funds are looking for

Evaluation forms that startup will have to fill in reminds a detailed business-plan (or whitepaper, as you wish). As soon as evaluation is conducted you will receive a document ready to be presented to investment funds as it will contain the most precise data about your project and expert evaluation on each parameter.


The questions experts have prepared for you will help you rethink, improve descriptions and analyses of your business model, target audience, token economy, and many other issues. Actually, answering all the question in the questionnaire will accelerate your project on each of the evaluation parameters.


10 experts, 10 evaluation parameters, 10 independent scores

The mission of our assessment system is to compare factual characteristics of the project with the required ones and to provide startups with relevant expert feedback and recommendations on this matter. It is crucial for investors while making their decisions whether to invest in a project or not. Well, all investors are different. Each of them pays attention to specific aspects of projects. That is why in order to increase the chances of a startup to attract investments we strive to demonstrate details about them from all possible sides.


Rocket DAO Expert evaluates each project from 10 sides: team, product, market structure, business model, legal, risks, resources and assets, PR and promotion, tokenomics, technologies. Some experts and investors think that team is the main criterion of the project’s success. Some think that product is more important. Each investment fund focuses on the parameter they believe is the most crucial one. Our evaluation system allows each investor to understand the state of the project in the specific focus he/she is most interested in. This approach gives startups access to a wider range of investors and increases their chance to be noticed by potential backers.


Independent ratings

We understand perfectly well that different project has different readiness characteristics of their products. So we should evaluate each project depending on the investment round they currently are at. And each project can get relevant rating and scores in regard with requirements determined for each round. It increases the chances of attracting financing desirable and appropriate for each investment round. Ratings are made up from the points a project receives on each parameter. Such a rating helps investors to choose the main underlying asset of the project and to understand how unique this asset is for the market.


Expert support

There are some particular criteria describing a perfect project on each methodology for those 10 parameters. Each expert suggests specific steps that are to be taken so that to become a perfect startup. So, in fact, our Rocket DAO Expert turns out to be not only a rating agency or startup accelerator but also an expert consulting provider.


Tokenization of your equity in order to legalize fundraising procedure

There are many legal questions while attracting financing from foreign investors (as this becomes necessary for the cases when there are a few local investors with small amounts of capital available). That is the approach to fundraising startups from developing countries adhere to doing their best to join accelerators or reaching out finds of the developed jurisdictions. In fact, this is the reason why ICO became such a popular investment instrument. Nevertheless, very soon it turned out that this tool has a great number of inconsistencies with legalization and a bad reputation due to scam projects having overused this instrument last year.

Our platform solves these legal problems connected with attracting financing from abroad by tokenizing startup equities as a part of the procedures approved by SEC. This way we provide startups with those strongly needed instruments for fundraising.


Reduction of marketing costs on raising investments

There are numerous investment funds and startups. Most funds belong to one or several investors. They have their own startup evaluation metrics with their own investment interest focus. So you have to communicate with just a super great number of finds in order to attract financing. It takes time. And money.

Crowdinvesting is the way out! But it implies spending huge sums on marketing so that to attract as more micro investors as possible.

At the same time, Rocket DAO offers a hybrid model. You pay for the evaluation of your startup by Rocket DAO expert community, then investors registered on the platform (many investors) make their decision whether to invest in your project or not. So you reduce the costs necessary for attracting investments in both directions.



The main feature that distinguishes us from other existing alternative crowd-solutions are the tools for interactions between investors, startups, and experts that we provide. As soon as you become a regular member of the community, you may collect new teams, generate new ideas and apply for evaluation several times in order to attract new funds for your innovations. You can take different roles at one time: invest in projects that seem interesting for you, apply for fundraising or evaluate other projects if you are an expert in any of the parameters prescribed.


Author of the article: Andrew Miroshnechenko.


And remember: what can be tokenized will be tokenized.

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