Rocket DAO invites experts for cooperation!

Dear friends!

We invite you to help us form and test project evaluation methodologies for Rocket DAO platform in the role of an expert.

Rocket DAO - is a product ecosystem for investors, experts and startups, built on Ethereum blockchain and based on the principles of Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

The core of our platform is decentralized expert community which will not only evaluate projects but will also provide support for the projects in exchange for projects’ tokens.


We see the evaluation as a 2 step assessment process as follows:

  • collection and verification of the validity of data provided by the project;

  • project evaluation based on the pre-specified methodology using a set of pre-defined parameters (such as a team, business-model, product, etc.).


Therefore experts will be divided into the following roles:

  • analysts that will verify the accuracy of data provided and deliver it to experts;

  • experts that will evaluate projects in accordance with the platform’s methodology;

  • methodologists that will  develop methodologies, which will be used by experts during project evaluation.


Each project distributes 2% of raised through RocketDAO platform funds amongst the experts that provided audit for the project in the following proportion:

  • analyst team gets 0,7%;

  • experts team - 1%;

  • methodologists team - 0,3%.

Same proportion applies to the remuneration of 5000$ in ROCKs, which experts are paid by a project for it’s audit, so:

  • analyst team gets 35%;

  • experts team gets 50%;

  • methodologists team get 15%.

Methodologists get a fee each time their methodology is used.


In order to build a fully functional model for the expert community we need to solve the following tasks:

  • Determine projects’ evaluation parameters;

  • Establish basic set of methodologies for project evaluation;

  • Set up policies and procedures for projects’ evaluation as well as determine the quantity and the way in which experts and analysts are selected for project evaluation.

  • Develop a process by which experts are added to the community and the way the roles are distributed amongst them.

  • Develop experts’ skills level assessment: performance assessment, rating, correlation of project’s evaluation with project’s success.

  • Develop  evaluation model and modifications for the methodologies applied.

  • Draw up Code of Ethics for experts and other policies for well-functioning community.


We invite you to become a first methodologist and expert on our platform. You will be able not only to define a policy for our community in the field of project evaluation but build the community itself and develop projects’ assessment procedure and get projects’ tokens for your efforts.


If you are interested in our offer, please, reply to this letter and fill in the following form:,

and join Forum on our Rocket DAO platform.

Feel free to ask you questions and share your suggestions via e-mail: