Rocket DAO Expert vision

Monetize and develop your expertise. Boost tokenized innovations.


Rocket DAO Expert is one of the Rocket DAO functional units aiming at the creation of an independent expert community which evaluates and supports blockchain projects using in-house methodologies.


Today we would like to give you an understandable intro to the product.


Expert of the platform will

● screen and assess blockchain startups in-house methodologies;

● make suggestions for improvements of different aspects of the projects;

●collect and analyze actual project’s results with the forecasted information and adjust the evaluation process accordingly.


We’re establishing Rocket DAO Expert so that:

● experts could be able to deepen and monetize their expertise/competence by means of projects evaluation;

● experts could get the community’s feedback on their competence level;

● experts could improve the relevance of their knowledge continuously;

● experts could be remunerated for their work both on contractual and consultation basis;

● investors could get reliable information about projects and its outlook from the point of view of experts;

● startup teams could get feedback and improve their projects and eventually gain direct access to funds.


We divided experts into 3 groups in accordance with the functions performed:

● Analysts verify the accuracy of the projects’ data provided.

●Experts use community approved evaluation techniques according to their scope of competence. An expert makes an assessment of a project and gives recommendations to the project.

●Methodologists develop methods which are used by experts. Each time a methodology is used for evaluation the author of these instructions receives a reward.


Everybody registered in the platform starts his/her expert journey as a candidate. Having successfully passed a test task you become an analyst: 10 analytical tasks completed will guarantee your career growth to the expert position and new tasks. Respectively 10 expert tasks will turn you into a methodologist.


Why are we developing this unit?

Now we see an increased interest and great demand from the venture funds for this expert community services. There is no instrument on the market that allows getting analytics from 30 independent experts at once in a very short time.


As such, projects are evaluated on the following parameters (you can find all evaluation methodologies in the expert knowledge base):

1. Project’s product

2. Technologies, smart contracts

3. Business-model

4. Market size

5. Tokenomics

6. Assets. Resources

7. Promotion

8. Project team

9. Legal

10. Risks


Evaluation process

Once a fund shows its interest in investing in a startup, the selected project gets notified about it. By the selected evaluation date the project team has to provide all the required information on the 10 parameters mentioned above filling in 10 evaluation forms with a number of indicators.

A project pays 5000$ in ROCK tokens to the group of experts who audit that project. This transfer is made through a particular smart contract. This remuneration is then distributed amongst experts involved in this evaluation in the following way:
● analyst team gets 35%;
● experts team gets 50%;
● methodologists team get 15%.

Then 10 methodologists, 10 analysts and 10 experts are nominated randomly according to their competencies for each of the 10 evaluation parameters.


A group of analysts verifies all project’s data by signing each decision via Metamask [key] in blockchain. Verified data goes to an expert group according to their competencies. Our system randomly appoints experts to work with a particular startup. Results of the completed tasks are recorded in blockchain.


Each project’s parameter is assessed on a scale from 1 to 10, so the maximum score the project can get is 100. For different rounds of fundraising, there are different requirements for projects.


Expert receives remuneration for completed tasks. When the project evaluation process is finished and the results are satisfactory, the project gets access to the funds.


Once a startup attracts financing, 2% of the raised ETH go for extra remuneration of the experts who conducted the evaluation of this startup in the following proportion:
● Analysts’ team gets 0.7%;
● Experts’ team gets 1%;
● Methodologists’ team gets 0.3%.

Our expert network is designed to be independent of startups’ or investors’ influence. So this is a completely self-organizing community where each participant highly values his/her reputation.


Join expert community right now, make your contribution to the development of the unique and strong worldwide community of true specialist and innovative enthusiasts.

Find out how you can take part in the platform's development via the link, as we have prepared an interesting bounty program for you on this matter.

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