Rocket DAO Expert bounty program

Your unique chance to contribute to the development of an international Expert CommunityRocket DAO announces the start of an BOUNTY PROGRAM, we are ready to share our precious ROCK tokens with you for the specific expert tasks performed for our innovative platform.



High time to monetize and develop your expertise boosting innovations based on blockchain technology


The main purpose of the Rocket DAO expert community is to improve the quality of projects that are looking for crowdfunding and to increase the percentage of successful projects thanks to experts’ hands-on assistance.

It’s evident that we are nothing without you - our dearest experts! And now we need your help to boost the process of attracting other experts to our community in order to make it stronger and stronger day by day. To make a real revolution in the investment market by providing it with the most honest, unbribable experts whose actions are transparent and independent, whose expertise is proved by the activities performed.


We successfully passed through the first milestone in the Roadmap of Expert Community Building: we have collected a whole set of methodologies for the predetermined startup evaluation parameters. And their authors have already received great remunerations in ROCK tokens. And know what, you can join them right now! Our Bounty Program is there for you!

Via the LINK you can download the document with super-detailed information about our REMUNERATION SYSTEM of the activities of the EXPERTS on our platform and choose the proper variant of contribution right for you!


Summing up the Program here is a list of Bounty activities:

  • Development of new methodologies;

  • Review of the methodologies;

  • Development of the evaluation forms for the methodologies;

  • Data collection of the projects according to the methodologies;

  • Evaluation of the project for one parameter using an Evaluation Form (pure expert activity);

  • Articles on the following topics:

- Methodology evaluation;
- Presentation of the Advantages of Rocket DAO methodologies in comparison with other evaluation approaches;
- Presentation of a methodology;
- Demonstration of the use-cases of a methodology (on an example of a real project);

  • Video records: Presentation of a methodology by its author.


These activities will help us involve as more experts as possible in the activities within the platform and will lead all of us to a healthier venture ecosystem creating an absolutely new, independent, unprecious market of pure expertise.


What are the benefits of taking part in our Bounty Program?

  • Collaboration of our experts provides them with the ability of knowledge sharing and expertise growing;

  • Development of the platform with the help of the community helps us release only truly needed updates;

  • All actions described above will help us boost the project and promote information all around the world;

  • These set of activities allows our expert have an extra source of revenue.

Only together we will make Rocket DAO a perfect place to monetize expertise using perfect startup evaluation methodologies while investors will receive a unique toolkit for making their investments safer.

To start activities on our platform it’s enough to first register here: All further instructions will be sent to you in an invitation e-mail.
We need you!

Rocket DAO Team!

Feel free to ask any questions and stay tuned for the latest updates:

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