Rocket DAO 3.0. Introduction

Long time no hear Well, it’s time to explain what we are now super-actively working on. This will be a new Rocket DAO which you will absolutely love at first sight. 


Rocket DAO 3.0 What is it about?

We pay much attention to conducting market research and to getting the most honest feedback from the market players. So eventually we came to a new concept, the one which would satisfy investors, experts, and startups for sure. New Rocket DAO is a new communication platform and a marketplace for startups, investors and experts.



All users here are grouped in three roles depending on the activities and functionality they will perform on the platform:

  • Regular user
  • Investor
  • Expert


Each role has its unique registration module which will not only let them join the platform and become its official members but will also introduce them all the necessary details about our new product (let's call this a caring welcome onboarding).



Consequently, users having passed our registration may create three types of objects on the platform, these ones include:

  • Startup
  • VC Fund
  • Angel Network


Creation of these objects supposes the collection of the significant amount of data letting us keep only verified and trustworthy agents on the platform. Such an approach will let users study their potential partners in the most effective way.


The final step of registration implies the creation of the public profile, or a personal card of the  Startup, Expert,  Individual Investor, VC Fund or Angel Network. These cards include information provided by users: some general overview, list of achievements, interests, goals, skills and many more specific characteristics you won’t find on any other platform.



So all registered users may study startups, funds, angel networks in every detail (well, to the extent they are interested in) which are open for collaboration and cooperation. They can find the fullest information about investors and experts, check whether interests, experience or even investing history of these members fit their owns expectations and request to contact them if necessary.

All profiles may be commented on (but again, by registered users only), this way you will be able to ask specific questions or share personal experience of cooperation with a person/ organization.

Social network links will be present in all profiles, so any interested person can easily establish new business contacts (if the other party finds you interesting as well :)


Furthermore, a Startup profile will have some additional functionality: 

  • Like - this will add a startup to your follow-up list (or bookmarks), we will notify you about any updates about the project then;
  • Waitlist - if you are an investor and you like the project you can claim the sum you could potentially invest in it (this step doesn’t suppose any investments to be made), this information will let you track the popularity of the project among other investors.
The structure of the market place as it is:
  • Grouped listings of startups, VC Funds, Angel Networks, Experts - you can use our search filters to find any information you need
  • Updates line - here you will see the latest updates and track dynamics of our community growth
  • The recent articles and news from our blog will also be present on the main stage 

3.0 version

So, to cut the long story short, here is a systematic overview of the functionality which will be released by the end of April, 2019. 
Rocket DAO will become the place where:

  • Create their public profiles (or one-pagers);
  • Search investment funds, accelerators, business angels networks and so on in a specific category using our advanced database filters.
  • Will be able to follow the most interesting startups and join them in the role of mentors;
  • Get access to the unique expert knowledge base totally dedicated to startup analysis; 
  • Create new evaluation methodologies and ask to participate in Due Diligence (our community manager will gladly assist you with that).
  • Use advance startups search filters in our database by category, stage, round, previous investments, location and so on;
  • Add startups to whitelist and track their progress;
  • Contact startups if they seem interesting and perspective, view profiles of startups’ founders with links to their social profiles;
  • Create public profiles of their funds, syndicates, groups and manage them accordingly.

But this is only the beginning…

We will continue development and research. We won’t stop, we will do our best in digitizing the venture market and automating decentralized evaluation of startups. In the final version of new Rocket DAO we will present to you the following functionality:
  • Rich customization abilities for each outlined role, regulated notifications and bookmarks with statistics and dynamic updates of the liked projects; 
  • Ability register as investor, startup, create your fund or angel network - with all the information at your fingertips;
  • In-app messaging for registered users;
  • Tools for business plans development with examples, guidelines and templates;
  • Ordering to pass a Due Diligence by an open expert community so that to get rated for a specific investment round and present the report to investors;
  • Development of new evaluation methodologies, improving previous ones, extending expert network and spreading expert knowledge using cooperation tools integrated on the platform;
  • Tools for automated remote assessment of startups and online remuneration of the experts for Due Diligence conducting;
  • Ever-improving Knowledgebase fully dedicated to startup analysis. 
It will be Smart. It will be Transparent. It will be Yours.
Apply to participate in our closed beta testing on the website:
New series of Development updates are coming very soon.
We will tell you what each of the development sprints now includes and provide you with more details on each of the roles and profiles. 
Always yours,
Rocket DAO team.

Here we are!