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Successful startup companies continuously improve

Rocket DAO has changed greatly in comparison with its very first version.


Look below to catch the difference:




Well, let us explain what were the drivers for these changes:

  1. For a startup to survive customer development and market research are the most important points to pay attention to. That is what we are constantly doing. We listen to the market signals, we ask for feedback from the target market players, we test different hypotheses and permanently conduct users researches. This step was the main determinator of the further changes in the project.
  2. Some insights demonstrated us that startups needed the tools to communicate with investors, receive their feedback and be aware of the evaluation criteria. Many startup teams didn’t know the essence of Due Diligence and the necessity of it for fundraising. Now we believe that this is one of the points in our mission - to explain and teach them how to get prepared and match with suitable investors.   
  3. Another very important insight concerns investors and the difficulties they come across while looking for the ‘new unicorns’. We are talking about bias of the internal analysis/audit teams and their evaluation approaches as well as about the mess happening in the corporate email accounts of the VCs. We are curing both of the headaches.
  4. What is more, our expert system proved itself very well and received amazing feedback from VCs and business angels that we demonstrated our Due Diligence sample to. Pure proof of concept. Now it is evident that this is the killer feature we should keep developing. It will work and gain the highest value as soon it is widely accepted, this is the prime goal for us.


Highlighted elements clarified many points in our business model. Summing up:


The new Rocket DAO is a global venture community and an online platform connecting digital and high-tech startups with sophisticated investors under the supervision of an independent expert community.



Startup community, here we go!

Developing internationally scalable projects is very challenging.


The variant of the platform we are about to present to you is our Beta version. Many features will be added later and bugs will be polished of course. But from this very step, we are determined to ask you for feedback for all the features that we will implement in the future, be ready :)


Being early adopters and making changes for such ecosystem products is honoring.


So for today on the platform:

  • users pass a welcoming multi-step onboarding (registration with an explanation of the key points about the platform) to register their startups, create profiles of venture funds and angel networks, or public pages of themselves as individual investors or experts;

  • startups create their profiles and provide pitch decks (or video pitches);

  • individual investors along with venture funds and angel networks comment on, follow startups, share them to social media and join their waitlists;

  • experts share their opinions about startups (and their profiles in the social media as well), study expert methodologies and exchange knowledge and experience with others;

  • other users carefully study profiles of startups, investors, and experts, leave comments and study startups metrics (we have prepared a wonderful guide for you, it is available on the main page).  


To get more information about the long-term plans please read the article about Rocket DAO 3.0


Coming soon

Well, let this be a short version of our development updates post.


For the next iteration we are preparing for you:

  • admin panels for all registered users: with navigable dashboards, personalized newsfeed, admin panel, and some more insights;

  • dashboards for monitoring profile statistics and traction of the liked projects (like DAU, MAU, MRR, burn and etc.);

  • analytics of the geography of the community gathering around projects;

  • personalized notifications;

  • profile edit tools for all the fields from the onboarding;

  • pdf download option for the startup one-pagers;

  • mobile version adaptive.


This is a huge, but so important list of updates, agree?

Code refactoring and sophisticated QA are default points in our agenda :)

Marketing, community building (both online and offline), product analytics and PR are in the closest plans of course.


So, our rocket is growing fast, so do we and our supporters.


Well, what is the sense in becoming early adopters?

What we are doing now reminds an absolutely new social media platform for startups, investors and experts.


The value we bring can be formalized in several sentences:

  • we guide startups through the investment process and help them match with investors; current analytics, carefully prepared business plan and an expert Due Diligence are what investors are looking form, and these are the things we will provide the startups with;

  • we introduce verified and promising startups to investors becoming their own primary filter in the startup world; this would never be possible without our expert community and their decentralized evaluation system;

  • experts eventually have a place for honest and transparent knowledge sharing; they receive tools for monetization of their own expertise an opportunity to build their own expert brands.


Simple, but game-changing.

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