Official Announcement

Dear RocketICO community,

First of all we would like to thank you for all your patience and understanding. Finally we have completed all the required legal procedures, including a substantial number of KYC passed.  Thank you for your cooperation on this matter. If for some reason you are amongst those few members who has not yet passed KYC, we urge you to do so at your earliest convenience following this  link.

We deployed a new smart contract due to creating Rocket round system to satisfy all the necessary requirements.  A number of our backers used exchanges instead of Erc20 compatible wallets to participate and new smart contract will give an opportunity for everyone to get their ROCKs. Also we started using the latest version of libraries for the smart contract to make it more secure. Our new smart contract address is 0xA40106134c5bF4c41411554e6db99B95A15ed9d8.

And now we would like to share with you our newest announcements and plans!


  1. We will start off with a minor rebranding. Since the first round of the ICO is complete we can now concentrate all our PR and marketing efforts on RocketDAO ecosystem. That is the reason why we decided to do a little rebranding and enter the new stage of our project in a new, refreshed form. RocketICO becomes RocketDAO and the website will only be in use for the purpose of consequent rounds of ICO (starting not earlier than August 2018). Therefore from now on, all our social media, communication channels and products will come under the renewed name of RocketDAO.

  2. Products. At present we are working intensely on 4 products which are all part of RocketDAO ecosystem and are serving as caterpillars for all further developments of the platform. In the next 6 month we will launch the following working products:

  • - a product developed specially for ICO backers. The aim here is to enable backers to easily create their own Fund in one click. With the advances of technology such tool becomes available to many, whereas before it used to be a privilege of a few. Therefore, united backers gain the power to participate in projects previously not available, or the terms, previously not achievable.
  • - a product set to fulfill the function of audit and consultancy to projects that would like to raise funds through We can see a huge gap in quality proposition of the ICO rating website. Having been in the field of token sale and observing the market we can unfortunately conclude that 1) the industry allows for ICO rating speculation and 2) not many experts have an extensive working business evaluation model required to rate the project. We would like to change that by building let’s call it a de-centralised “Deloitte” type. The task of is to select and conduct audit of the projects, develop comprehensive analysis methodology to enable an efficient work of
  • - a mobile app (Android and iOS) which will be the caterpillar for all the products of RocketDAO. With the help of this app each user will be able to manage his digital assets and utilise other products of RocketDAO.
  • Due to NDA we can not disclose details on this product, however we can tell you that we are officially working on a joint project with one of the well known blockchain providers. The announcements regarding this product will be made not before end of April this year.

Our development works is arranged in two-weeks sprints, therefore from now on each two weekswe will be providing a detailed update on the development progress.

      3. AuroraDAO partnership. We are happy to announce the we have partnered up with AuroraDAO. Many of you might know of this company already. One of their products is, which you might have heard of. As a part of the partnership program, token ROCK will appear on  exchange from 28.03.2018: We highly encourage you to check the product out as we believe that this is by far the most progressive product amongst its peers so far.


Sasha Shuhayeu, CEO RocketDAO and Alex Wearn, CEO AuroraDAO


These are all the announcements for now. Till soon!

Once again, thank you for your support

RocketDAO team