New release. Expert preliminary evaluation

Rocket DAO is a single marketplace where we connect startups and investors under supervision of an independent expert community. 


The aim of the expert community is to conduct assessment of the startups, give objective assessment of each element of the project and provide the team with valuable recommendations for improvements. Having developed evaluation methodologies for 10 evaluation parameters and having successfully tested this system conducting hard Due Diligence for the Multy project we came up with an idea that a light version of the assessment could be of great interest for startups. Now we call it preliminary evaluation.


Rocket DAO expert preliminary evaluation

The aim of this preliminary evaluation is to help startups wrap their project properly, receive expert opinions about the project, and get ready to present the startup to investors. Having expert evaluation, your chances to attract financing increase multiply.


So the product a startup receives includes:

  • a report of the evaluation (both online available in the public profile on Rocket DAO)

  • and a list of investors we demonstrate this report to.


Now some details

This evaluation is conducted for startups for 4 crucial parameters: product, market, business model, team.


Striving to provide the highest value of such an evaluation both for startups and investors, we include in the report:

  • highlighted positive and negative sides of the project (for each evaluation parameter)

  • expert recommendations for the improvements within a parameter 

  • expert review about each subsection of the parameter (look below to understand which subsections parameters have).


Here is a sample of the evaluation that Rocket DAO experts conducted recently, study it carefully, so that to have a better understanding of what we are talking about today.


The way it is presented in a strartup profile you can find in the Parsers' card via this link:



Now let’s dwell a bit on the structure of the evaluation as it is.

So, the Product section specifies and analyzes:

  • Problems of the potential customers

  • Relevance of the developed solution to the customer’s problems

  • Uniqueness of the solution

  • The size of the audience that will use the product 

  • Indispensability of the product for its users

  • Market protection from the competitors

  • Lifecycle stage of the product development (this very point actually defines the investment round of the whole startup).


As for the Market the an expert assess:

  • Market type and geography

  • Market size (with a detailed description of the target audience)

  • Current competition level 

  • and, sure, market accessibility, that is market entry barriers.


Business model is evaluated for two components:

  • Value creation, including scheme of the production and sales, third parties included in the operations

  • and of course value proposition


And the last, but not the least is the Team potential evaluation. So to give an expert score the the quality of the team’s skills and expert reviews competencies and experience of the team members in three major spheres:

  • Business and marketing

  • Development

  • Product creation. 


How is the evaluation organized?

Step 1

Startups create their profiles on Rocket DAO, so they become visible to investors, venture funds, angel syndicates and accelerators. If an investor is the initiator of the evaluation, the procedure is equal: you choose a startup and ask them to first register on on the platform.


Step 2

Startups order evaluation, fill in the evaluation forms with the questions prepared by Rocket DAO experts providing information about product, business model, market, industry, investment round, introduce their teams and so on.


Step 3

In the end startups receive a carefully structured pdf report with expert evaluation, feedback and recommendations on each parameter. That is!


What are the advantages of this particular evaluation?

1 Experts

Evaluation is conducted by an independent expert community of recognized professionals in their fields.


2 Investors

A startup receives a list of the investors who we share their report to, including venture funds, angel networks, business angels who are interested in the projects from the same industry.


3 Business plan

The report a project receives eventually can be a good base for the future business plan (or a pitch deck even).


4 Uniformity

No more tons of unstructured docs and tables, our standardized reports provide assessment of the most vital parameters.


5 Analysis 

Evaluation process highlights the weak and strong sides of each project on each parameter, what can actually be called an external SWOT analysis of the company.this way helping startups find and focus on the points for further improvement.


6 Universality

Evaluation criteria are different for different investment rounds, so any startup may apply for the evaluation to be conducted.


7 Time and resources

Save your time and resourсes that you would probably waste on searching for the reliable agents able to conduct professional evaluation of the innovative projects. 


If you are interested in ordering evaluation - please feel free to drop us a line at and schedule a call to receive further instructions.


And now some other development updates

1 Profile edit

Now users can easily edit their personal profiles: rewrite the display name and surname, upload new photo, change the password for logging in, unsubscribe from the platform’s newsletter. 

This section is available in the slidebar which we described in the previous article.


2 Notifications

Now to keep our users up-to-dated and help them not to miss any important news from the platform we set automatic email notifications about:

  • a new comment in the public user’s profile

  • a new investor in the waitlist of the startup (goes both to a startup and investors who are already in the waitlist of this project)

  • a new like (follower) - goes to startups, sure

  • weekly updates are spreaded to startups, investors and experts which highlight their personal updates which have taken place during the week and statistics about the platform’s activities

  • the followers of the startups will also receive notifications if someone leaves a comment about the project or if the team of the startup updates any crucial information in its card.


We are working days and nights to make our platform better for you. So follow us not to miss any important updates here:

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