Monthly report

Hello, everyone! Today we want to share with you some results on product development we achieved during this month.


We think, that the best way to show how much is already done for our mobile application Rocket.Wallet is to share a small video, where our Head of Product Development Dmitry Korzhik describes how it works on a mobile phone.


Sing up procedure with an opportunity for quick login and registration via Facebook, Google+ and Telegram, change and restore password are implemented. Now it’s possible to create and edit a user’s profile, and pass KYC.

We developed the main page, where 3 funds and nomination list are shown. A user can create and edit a project and join expert community RocketDAO.
Smart contract for fund was created.  Adaptive web design is in progress.

Here are links to detailed updates:
20, March UPDATES
26, April Security Audit
4, May Last Development Updates
11, May Fresh Development Updates  


We formulated a letter for experts and drew up prototypes of 10 questionnaire for project evaluation.  Also we defined vision how rating system will work.