A full set of methodologies is ready!

Basic portfolio of blockhain startups evaluation methodologies is ready!

More than 3 months of hardest work at Rocket DAO expert community development is finally over. And we are proud to announce that the first milestone is achieved: from now on we have well-tested and approved methodologies for all pre-determined parameters.


Let’s sum up our results!

1. Team Potential

The first methodology was prepared by Sergei Lavrinenko, this document provides us with a complete guide for a startup’s team potential evaluation.



2. Marketing and PR

The author of the second methodology Alexander Drobyshevski made his accent on the issues dedicated to PR and Marketing evaluation.



3. Resources and Assets

Project’s resources and assets are evaluated in the third Rocket methodology, proudly and thoroughly developed by Stanislav Dzhambazov.



4. Tokenomics 

One more methodology created by Sergei Lavrinenko was dedicated to tokenomics analysis issues.



An alternative methodology for tokenomics evaluation was prepared by Inga Gicheva and Alexander Grablevski.



5. Technology level

Henadzi Koltun designed a complete guide for the blockchain project’s technology level evaluation.



6. Market

Dominik Franek (our expert from Czech Republic) did a good job and prepared a methodology for the project’s market evaluation.



7. Risks

Another excellent paper was made by Sergey MIkhailov. Having carried out necessary research he developed a methodology for the risk parameter evaluation.



And so did Valery Kot. Here is the link to the alternative methodology for the risks analysis.


8. Product

Our appreciated methodologist Andrei Kuryan developed two methodologies for our platform. One of them was prepared in order to evaluate a project’s product.



9. Business model

The second methodology by Andrei Kuryan  explains how to assess the project's business model.



10. Legal Risks

A rather difficult but rather important issue - legal risks - is covered in the methodology of Vsevolod Sanshuk.



All these parameters are available on our Expert Knowledge Base.

By the way, it’s high time you joined our community. Great things and changes are coming.

Stay tuned and feel free to share your opinion about methodologists developed by our experts.

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