The fourth methodology for startup technology level on Rocket DAO

Project evaluation methodology for startup technology level by Koltun Henadzi

Hey, guys! We can't help but feel excited by the work the expert community does! It's already the 4th methodology has beed developed on Rocket DAO. You can find this methodology for evaluation startup's technology and previous ones in our Knowledge Base in the folder "Methodologies". We welcome you to register and join our community to have an opportunity to discuss everything connected with project expertise: .

Evaluation section: Step-by-step technology check-up
Author: Koltun Henadzi

N.В. from author: I believe, that there are no good or bad, new or old, expensive or cheap etc. technologies. Every technology can be useful for some cases, can fit perfectly for others and can be even dangerous for some projects. It means that an expert should decide in every particular case if shoosen technologies are good choice or bad, if project developers are moving in right direction or should step back and look for alternatives. Expert should start from the very beginning, understand well use cases and architecture, possible problems and constraints, also benefits and possibilities. I admit the right of each expert to have his own criteria at each level for evaluation methodology, but for simplicity I'll leave a few tips that seem important to me. As data accumulates and the methodology develops, the criteria can be improved and, I hope, in the future we will be able to make the assessment less subjective and more expertly independent. Today, however, you will have to spend more time figuring out the quality of the materials provided and their real meaning. I ask you to note your thoughts and give the projects a full and objective feedback. This will give them the opportunity to improve the projects or cause a dative discussion about the technologies for their projects. In any case, it should be a useful work and I thank you for your participation. I will also be grateful to you for any comments regarding this methodology that you can send directly to me.

Manual: On each level (step) expert should decide, if project presented good enough materials for this level.  An expert should move “step by step” on the following levels on this section. If project receive mark 0 on this step (it means that expert can not agree with the arguments and does not count the provided materials convincing enough), expert should stop evaluation and count sum of points.

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