First evaluation methodology created on Rocket DAO!

Dear friends!
More than 20 Rocket experts are developing their own methodologies by now.
At the present moment, there are 5 preliminary versions of the methodologies for project evaluation for different parameters. Over five more methodologies are in progress. And we are happy to present you the first methodology for team evaluation, developed by Sergey Lavrinenko.

Team is the core of  the project and can be the key factor for success or fail. While developing a startup, 3 main competences are evaluated: technical (software), product (domain) and developing startup as a business. So, to receive the highest rank, startup team should have experienced members in all of these directions. 

Еach team in the methodology is  evaluated by three criteria:

  1.     Technical experience & competences: expected ability to build a required technical solution, with acceptable quality, high-load sustainable, cross-platform, UX friendly etc.
  2.     Product experience & competences: expected ability to create a business-value domain. Level of understanding of industry, problems, how technology can handle these problems, what kind of business value may be added – all that is evaluated here.
  3.     Business & marketing skills. Experience of launching marketing campaigns, effective PR&GR, business development, networking etc.

Each criteria has its own mark from 0 to 10, depending on the most experienced team member in each scale. As a result, average mark of all three criteria should be taken (results of each scale should be summarized and divided by three). Only fully team members are evaluated, not advisors (apart from Business scale – see below). All experience should be proven; all people should be real and identified themselves in public as team members of this project.

Study Sergei's methodology via the link and share your opinion or suggestions for improvements.

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