The First Bright Expert Bounty Program Results

Last week we announced the start of our Expert Bounty Program letting anyone experienced in investment analysis and business consulting get remunerated with ROCK tokens for specific tasks performed. The first results are really embracing: 4 new methodologies (alternatives for the existing ones) will be prepared in the nearest time for our Platform!

Aiming at building a really smart self-organizing community where each participant highly values his/her reputation we are doing great efforts engaging active and potential participants in our activities with the help of offline meetings. The first Expert Meetup was held yesterday where one of our experts and Bounty participant Valery Kot presented his alternative methodology to Resources and Assets Evaluation.

The key points to which Valery paid special attention are as follows:

  • the amount of assets available as fixed and working capital is not that important as their right combinations and structure;

  • each company needs to securitize its investment capital in order to protect itself from unpredictable cases and in this way to ensure risks;

  • intellectual capital is a true building material of the key competencies of a company, that is why they must be properly protected and evaluated;

  • intellectual properties a project should register on each investment round are different (the methodology will be published very soon so that you could study this difference);

  • the most significant metrics a startup should control is the increase of the return on sales;

  • investor’s guarantees are mostly based on the material assets a project possesses.

Active discussions of the methodology helped us find out the weak points of the methodology which soon will be improved by its author by Valery Kot. But the overall approach was unanimously approved.

As soon as all corrections are made we will upload this methodology to our Knowledge Base and transfer the promised 1000 ROCK tokens to Valery’s wallet according to our Remuneration System.

We will host such meetups on a weekly basis, so don’t miss a chance to get acquainted with us and our smartest expert community in person!

And don’t forget to register for participation in our Expert Bounty Program!

Kindest regards,
Rocket DAO Expert Team

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