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Independent decentralized expert community with years of professional experience, and a good understanding of the newest technologies is a true value for the venture market which strongly needs to get free from subjective judgments and lucrative agreements. This is what Rocket DAO is actively working at.

Blockchain technology means independence of the expert’s analysis what gives necessary guarantees for the investors while making decisions about investing high-risk assets in the innovative projects.

How do you verify if an expert is an expert indeed?
This is the most common question we are usually addressed with. Let us explain then, this verification process is not that complicated. Let’s imagine that you, being a candidate, verified information provided by a startup, the quality of this analysis satisfied experts - so you are an analyst. Having conducted such a work for at least 10 times you may become an expert of the Rocket DAO platform what will mean that you may take on new tasks: evaluate a project using data prepared by analysts, prepare reports, and give recommendations to investors. In order to develop your own expert methodologies and evaluation forms, you have to successfully work with not less than 10 startups.

Rocket DAO Expert Conference

Well, the first rather important step in the Rocket DAO Expert Roadmap has been accomplished on the previous week, now we are proud to have methodologies for all 10 startup evaluation parameters. And this step we highly productively finalized on the Rocket DAO Expert Conference. This wasn’t a typical Conference where the main purpose for the participants is to tell about themselves, demonstrate their pseudo specific knowledge, and report for the grantees. But it was a true expert Conference, our goal was to organize lively discussions, disputes, honest opinion sharing concerning the quality of the expert methodologies in order to help methodologists make their papers even more perfect. Each presentation was meticulously studied, no detail would escape from the expert’s attention. And it gave us good results.



The Conference was opened by our Expert Rocket DAO Team - Caroline Rynckevich (Community/ Expert Manager) and Andrew Miroshnichenko (CKO / Head of Experts) - who provide our guests with a detailed description of the whole platform, discussed Rocket DAO Expert Roadmap and further plans for the project’s development and promotion, and introduced our Bounty Program allowing anybody to become a part of the international expert ecosystem. Rocket DAO CBO Dmitry Korzhik made a presentation of the RocketDAO.Fund having described in details the whole process of investing within the platform and advantages of the chosen round system of finance attracting using blockchain technology.

Then we attentively listened to presentations of the following methodologies:

1. Team Potential: Sergei Lavrinenko - Startup consultant, Blockchain Expert

2. Marketing and PR: Alexander Drobyshevski - Marketing and Sales Director in a media holding (Belarus)

3. Resources and Assets: Станислав Джамбазов - CEO of ChainLancers

4. Tokenomics:

5. Technology level: Henadzi Koltun - CEO of (web-development)

6. Market: Dominik Franek - Strategist for AI and blockchain

7. Risks:

  • Sergey Mikhailov - Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA UK)

  • Valery Kot - Representative of the international company AVC Advisory in the Republic of Belarus.

8. Product: Andrei Kuryan - Project coordinator, innovations consultant and TRIZ-trainer at EPAM Systems.

9. Business model: Andrei Kuryan

10. Legal Risks: Vsevolod Sunchuck - independent lawyer (more than 7 years of professional experience)

For the work performed all the mentioned above methodologies’ authors received ROCK tokens according to our Expert Remuneration System and in fact became some of the first Rocket investors.

One of the speakers of the Conference was Mikhail Badamov who volunteered to test our expert methodologies and assessed his own startup with them. He explained what difficulties he came across and noted the importance of systematization of all evaluation startup parameters within one single platform.



Summing up the results of the Conference we highlighted the following tasks which are to be accomplished in the nearest future:

  • prepare 4 alternative methodologies for the following parameters: Market (2 independent documents by 2 experts), Assets and Resources, Team Potential;

  • organize regular offline meetups in order to discuss current issues and coordinate further actions for the development and boosting of the expert community;

  • evaluation forms for startups are to be prepared as a set of all parameters for all methodologies (for one parameter) so that an expert had more freedom while choosing the right methodology;

  • experts will correct their methodologies taking into consideration all comments made during the Conference;

  • authors of the methodologies will prepare evaluation forms on their own (as they know like anyone else what their methodology is mostly aimed at);

  • defined the author of the review for Dominik Franek’s methodology.



Join our Expert Community!

So for today, we have a set of tasks in the agenda: development of the evaluation forms and promotion of the expert community in order to form a strong independent brand with the help of our Bounty Program which allows receiving good remuneration for the performance of not too complicated tasks.

We can’t but remind you that the process of joining our community will not take too much time:

  • register on our platform:

  • fill in the form with personal data and select expert spheres of your interest;

  • receive an e-mail from our community messenger with a super-detailed guide for further work on the platform;

  • take an active part in all activities described in the Expert Bounty Program and receive our precious ROCK tokens for the contribution in the development of the international expert community.

Become a part of something great!

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