Developments for Functional Unit "Experts" (28.05-01.06)

Hi, guys! It’s a pleasure for our team to announce that we started active development for the last, but not least part of Rocket DAO platform - Experts. Here we want to share some updates we have already done. Our team is making adjustments for Rocket DAO Fund and Wallet also as scheduled.


Functional Unit Experts:

  • Adjustment and harmonization

  • Creating prototypes

  • HTML

  • Building Backend



  • Public Expert page

  • Experts profile register form

  • New coming experts for Admin


Hight level user flow:

If you click on the Expert tab it will redirect to the In order to join the

expert community, the user should register on the platform. You can register via these links: or


The opportunity to join experts in the Expert tab is implemented. A user clicks on the Join our expert community button and if not logged in will be redirected to the login. If logged will be redirected to the Experts profile - registration form for experts. There a user should fill in the form, click Submit for review and go to the section New coming experts. This page is only available for Andrew Miroshnichenko, as he has admin role. If he chooses Block - the User does not get on the list of experts on the public Expert page. If a role is assigned to it, it falls into the list of experts on the public Expert page with the assigned role.



  • Public Expert page

  • Join our expert community button

  • Login user - redirect to Experts profile

  • Unrecognized user - redirect to login/register

  • Top experts - default view - approved list of experts from site

  • New coming experts table

  • Logo

  • Expert skills

  • Work experience

  • Social networks

  • Date - when user click to “Send for review” button

  • Role - Admin choice



Experts profile register form. All fields are required:

  • Indicate your work experience - text field

  • Please choose expert skills that best describe you - dropdown select

  • Other: please type in your expertize - text field

  • Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram

  • Submit for review button - info goes to New coming experts table to admit



Stay tuned for further developments for Rocket DAO platform!