Development Updates for Rocket DAO Platform

Development Updates for Rocket DAO Platform

Our team continues sharing with you our updates for Rocket DAO platform and for today we will make an overview for what has been done during the week!

What have we implemented on our Landing page?

  1. A user can log in\register.


Then a person will see see recently reviewed projects. By clicking a project, one can see full information available about it.


On the landing page there is also a section with most popular funds. In each fund there are 3 projects. Function for fund creation is in development now.


In the section "Popular startups" there are 2-3 projects. Function for project creation has already been implemented. If you are the creator, then the project will be shown for you on the main page as well as in your profile.


In future there will be a set the experts with highest ratings.  For now we have put 4 experts who were among the first to have developed methodologies for Rocket DAO Expert.

There are 3 folders in the header:

  • Fund - it leads to the main page with a list of funds;

  • Expert - it opens the additional menu which gives an opportunity to switch to Knowledge Base and Forum and a button “Join expert community”, as well as there is also a page with a list of experts and their statuses;

  • Startup - it leads to the main page with a list of projects.

We also implemented:

  • an integrated profile: it dynamically changes depending upon what kind of role a user gets;

  • updated design for profile, project and header;

  • started creation process for design for Rocket DAO Wallet (iOS version);

  • started implementing MetaMask on the platform.

More information in the new development updates will be the next week! Stay tuned!