Development Updates for Rocket DAO Expert

Development Updates for Rocket DAO Expert


Functional unit Expert is developed: It’s one of the 3 major products we develop, as we have Startup and Fund functional units on the platform as well.

Just to remind everyone: at present we are working intensely on 3 products which are all part of Rocket DAO ecosystem and are serving as caterpillars for all further developments of the platform.

  • Rocket DAO Fund - a product developed specially for ICO backers. The aim here is to enable backers to easily create their own Fund in one click.

  • Rocket DAO Expert - a product set to fulfill the function of audit and consultancy to projects that would like to raise funds through Rocket DAO Fund.

  • Rocket DAO Wallet - a mobile app (Android and iOS) which will be the caterpillar for all the products of RocketDAO. With the help of this app each user will be able to manage his digital assets and utilise other products of Rocket DAO.

Coming back to our latest development updates in this article we would like to show everyone how to use Rocket DAO Expert.

On the homepage everyone can see the newcoming experts with their statuses: new, candidate, analyst, expert, methodologist. Only an admin can verify the expert and set his\her role according to all information presented in expert’s profile.

We implemented integrated expert’s profile, which includes information a person filled in while registration and information a person filled in the form for the expert profile. To get full access a user should now only register, but also click “Join experts community” and create expert profile.

An opportunity for editing the profile was implemented as well.  

Forum is the next big tab, where all the communication between experts will happen. We decided to create a forum, not just a simple chat, because there it’s much easier to make a good structure of communication and experts can only read the threads on their topics, so a big number of messages on different topics won’t irritate anyone. On Forum there are 2 main threads: General Thread and Methodologies. There you will see different topics with a description and can join the discussions.

Knowledge Base is a tab, where all necessary information can be found. For the moment there are 2 main folders: Basic Information and Methodologies.

We also want to underline, that it’s only the first version of that functional unit and with time we will implement much more features to make our work together even more effective and comfortable.

Guys, feel free to join our expert community! You can read all information about how everything works in our Vision or join Rocket DAO Expert and read about it in Knowledge Base.