Development updates. October innovations!

Dearest community! Here is Rocket DAO Development team with the freshest development updates for you today!


Our platform Beta testing is being actively carried out. Small bugs have been found but we have corrected all of them of course. So being sure in the performance capacity of the platform we dedicated our time to some innovative researches. Right now we are testimg two new technologies!



Rocket DAO will resolve the problem of cryptocurrency volatility through implementation of the stablecoin DAI as the main coin to purchase tokens.


The Dai Stablecoin is a collateral-backed cryptocurrency whose value is stable relative to the US Dollar. Stable digital assets like Dai Stablecoin are essential to realizing the full potential of blockchain technology. This integration will let investors be independent of the crypto exchange rate volatility and feel comfortable while creating mutual funds as DAI makes sure that the sum contributed will be free from market fluctuations.


Another important feature concerning Rocket DAI Investor implies the new ability to contribute both ETH and ERC20 tokens to the funds and startups smart contracts.



In order to simplify the process of exchanging and getting tokens on the platform, we integrated the Wyre service. Rocket DAO will realize Wyre solutions for KYC/AML procedures and for the DAI coins purchase using fiat money. So now:


1. A user on the platform will have to verify the wallet using Wyre, pass KYC on their platform. So then this regulated service provider will allow verified users to opt-in to receive an ERC-721 compliance token. This token is minted from licensed parties, e.g. Wyre, and applied to a verified user’s Ethereum wallet of choice. Wallet status without Wyre KYC will be Not Verified.

2. The system checks the status of the user's wallet: if a 721-token are displayed on the Wyre account and KYC is confirmed, then the wallet receives the “Verified status”.

3. If the status of the user’s wallet on the Wyre and Rocket DAO platforms is Verified, then Cashout and Deposit functions become available. It gives a user access to the Wyre platform functionality which allows exchanging fiat money for tokens through the user's bank or change and deposit funds to the customer’s account in the bank.

If you haven’t received your free ROCK tokens yet, then don’t hesitate to do that right now and take part in our Bounty program on the platform!


Doing our best for you! Staying tuned with the world trends and promoting security coin offering.

The future is tokenized!

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