Development Updates for Chat and Knowledge Base

Hey-hey! It’s the end of hard working week, so it means that this article is all for fresh Development Updates. It was scheduled to make adjustments and coordination for  technical specification for the platform development process, prepare documentation for Knowledge Base and Forum and creating prototypes for Landing page Rocket DAO and Startups - Expert - Start of Expertize. Here are the details


Private messages on the platform

Design and HTML  for Prototypes for  Private messages were implemented.


Frontend architecture:

  1. We added the number of unread messages in the section “Private messages” and the indicator near the logo of the profile.

  2. The opportunity for sending messages from the profile of a user was implemented. The procedure of delivering messages in the chat is the same for private messages.


Knowledge base

We updates first version of prototypes and made adjustments for the database.

The database is developed as a conduit. Only admin is able to add new documents to the Knowledge Base. There is an opportunity to create folders and subfolders, upload docs with different formats. Every user on the platform can look through the docs, but download function is available only for those, who filled in the expert form and was approved by the admin.

As soon as the process of development for Forum and Knowledge Base is finished, we will start using it for managing our work with experts, but if you have a desire to join our Expert community now, here is the link to our Telegram chat

Feel free to share your opinion and ask your questions in the comments below!