Development updates. Beta release!

We are glad to present you today the freshest Development updates report of the Rocket DAO Platform, which has been kindly prepared by our development team for the community to know every detail about the process of building the platform step by step, as we believe that this process should be a transparent one. We are always open to new ideas and any kind of input from you, so that the product could become even better and more useful for everyone in Rocket DAO community. So here we go!



Beta testing


As you know, we have just released Beta version of the Rocket DAO Platform! Explore it right now via:


We have prepared a super-interesting Bounty Program for you on this occasion. A true ROCK tokens hunting: you will receive our tokens in exchange for the the test ETH invested in the startups on the platform.  

All the details are available on our web-site, enjoy :)


Platform updates

So the most interesting part is surely dedicated to the functions which have been implemented to make Beta release possible.

Refund function:


  • investments refund on the fundraising stage;

  • investments refund if the fund is not formed;

  • project’s tokens refund if the project doesn’t reach softcap;

  • investments refund if the the time for voting is up.




For the period of testing platform time we have changed the system of access to some functions of the platform including passing KYC. For that period every user after login is automatically listed in the whitelist and doesn’t need to pass KYC to have access to managing funds or creating new projects.



Test Kovan Ethereum network


Rocket DAO platform was prepared for beta testing on test Kovan network, so now the following functions are available:

  • distributing test ETH

  • creating projects and funds

  • joining funds

  • voting within funds

  • quorum settings

  • getting tokens

  • refunds

Some more functions will be described in the next article. And now let us introduce you our achievements in the roadmap of Rocket DAO Wallet development. As you know, the Android version of the mobile application is already on Google Play and the last steps on iOS version are taken now.

Rocket DAO Wallet

Rocket DAO Wallet (iOS) - new functions implemented:

  • Wallet export from the Platform;

  • PIN password;

  • Touch ID;

  • Face ID;

  • Sending transactions;

  • Import and transactions validations.


As you see, guys, we are actively developing all the parts of our Platform to give our dearest community members the opportunity to feel comfortable in each role by giving all necessary tools to work on the Rocket DAO Platform.

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