Development updates as at 27th August, 2018

Time flies very fast, but Rocket DAO platform is changing and developing even faster. Today we would like to share with you our recent most valuable updates.

Another cheerful hello from the Rocket  DAO Development team!


1. Smart Contracts

Documentation for the Project Smart Contract creation is already completed. The team started an active work on the preparation of the documentation with description of the processes of smart contracts interactions: Fund - Project (without expert review to the present moment). Back-end preparedness - 100%. UI preparedness - 50%.


Development of 3 more smart contracts is finished:

  • Project smart (for beta-version).

  • Whitelist smart.

  • Storage smart.


Interaction among these four mentioned smart contracts (Fund, Project, Whitelist and Storage smarts) is implemented, as such:

Fund creation - Investor placement in Whitelist smart - Fundraising - Project creation - Moderation - Project placement in Storage smart - Voting - Function “Refund” for Funds and Projects - Sending funds to Project smart - Sending token to the Fund smart.


The function for the project’s smart contract template creation has also been released recently.


2. Rocket DAO Fund

But what concerns the function for voting and investing for the Functional unit of Rocket DAO Fund it is still in the process of development now. Preparedness is about 35%.


Design, layout and logic of creating / editing a project were optimized - (these changes applied to  Design, HTML, Backend, Frontend):

  • Adjustments in the project header (layout, validation, change of the Price field name).
  • Changed the Roadmap tab.
  • Changed the Favicon into DAO.
  • Changed the number of downloadable projects in the product description from 3 to 2.
  • Changed the design concept of the Product tab.


Our team also started the research of the opportunities to implement Telegram passport and even made a trial integration with the platform.


3. Rocket DAO Wallet iOS

And the last but not least: Wallet iOS development. What has already been done about this element of the Rocket DAO ecosystem? The following operations are available by now:


  • Function for creating a wallet.
  • Import of a wallet - through Phrase, Keystore, Private key, QR code.
  • Statistics of the status of all tokens - a list of tokens + balance + course.
  • Changing / adding / removing tokens, changing order (sorting).
  • Function for displaying statistics of balance change: USD - all tokens.
  • Showing statistics of balance changes of the wallet: USD - a specific token.
  • Functions: enter the address, the number of tokens to send and convert to USD.



The amount of gas is calculated according to the network traffic at the moment and is set automatically, but the user can change it at his\her own discretion (Slow, Normal, Fast) + the total amount of the transaction with gas.


Day by day we are getting only better. Only for the blockchain community. Only for you.

Sincerely yours,
Rocket DAO Development Team.


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