Development Updates (18.05-24.05)

Hey-hey! We continue sharing the latest updates with our community;)


The header design was amended: a user can now switch between Fund-Expert-Startups. Implemented sorting by fields in SandBox. Now the list of ICOs will be automatically updated every day and irrelevant ICOs will be deleted.  




Added modal window, which reminds a user to fill in wallet address after registration or an attempt to join pool. Each user has a unique wallet address.




In the tab “Startup” we have made a separate page for project creation. By clicking the button “Create project” a form pops up and a user is able to fill in all the necessary information.



We added catalogue with experts and have made it possible to join our Expert community by clicking the button.

RocketDAO team is now working on creating prototypes for a functional unit “Experts” and is developing a responsive version of the platform.

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