Development Updates (11.06-22.06)

Hi, everyone! One of our favourite topics for articles is Development Updates, because we can show how much work was done during a week and we are happy to share the freshest one.

We continue working on the details for Fund unit and a great thing our developers implemented is chat!

  • messaging realtime based on

  • only authorized user can chat with other users

  • layout for visual display for the chat

  • opportunity to create a new chat for a pool

  • showing a new user online

  • option to reply to a certain a user by clicking “Reply” to a user’s message

  • number of users online

  • smilies


We also implemented an opportunity to start a private chat with anyone.

And some new updates for Rocket DAO Experts

Knowledge Base is  a database for storing documents, files and other information necessary for the activities of experts, investors and start-ups on our platform.

  • built backend architecture

  • only admin can add docs and manage folders

  • admin can accept a user for downloading docs

  • implemented an opportunity for searching with the help of hashtags



Also we made a decision to develop a forum for expert community, because it’s the best way to structure the discussions among the experts.

As you see the “peace” process moves forward and we do our best to keep the results regularly great! Thank you guys for all you support and stay tuned for the weekly updates:)