Devcon iv. Was it worth?

Devcon was the greatest event for the blockchain community this year! It is very different from similar events because it unites only those who are truly interested in the Ethereum ecosystem matters what made all of the participants united and close-knit.


There was presented a great number of new Ethereum blockchain based solutions, so every participant was involved in a single common cause - no other blockchain can boast of anything like this.



So many different side events took place as well, more than 10 meetups and parties were held every evening during the week.


And … ta-dam! Our team members took part in the Enterprise Ethereum Hackathon together with a French developer and some more blockchain enthusiasts. As the result, the team took the second place with Argus Panoptes - a solution which lets users watch and control pantheon nodes including data about lags, workload and so on (more information about the hackathon and its resuls you can find on the official twitter of the Pegasys Hackathon)!


What is more, we successfully established contacts with Maker DAO, Polymath and Harbor, the ones whose solutions we are considering to implement on our platform.


Everyone was open and friendly. True unity of the community. Great thanks to all Devcon team for the unrivaled quality event!


Summing up, ETH is alive!



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