Breaking news on Blockchain regulation from Belarus

Another break-through for blockchain community - Belarus president Aleksandr Lukashenko has announced a “super liberal” bill on blockchain and cryptocurrency due to come in force January 2018. This statement has put Belarus on the blockchain favourable hubs map alongside Switzerland, Japan, Gibraltar and Singapore. The legislation is set to provide permissive environment for incorporation and launch of blockchain based projects, removing bureaucracy and suggesting a ‘yes’ for a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. As expected, Belarus Hi-Tech Park (HTP) will benefit the decree the most - as its companies will receive an official state permission to attract funding thought Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and using cryptocurrency. Given this information RocketICO team has been invited to attend a Belarus state channel STV and give an extended interview on the subject of ICO, regulation and blockchain technology. You can find more information on decree following Belarus state news channels and keep up to date with RocketICO by signing up to our Social Media.