Bounty Announcement

Dear bounty campaign participants! It’s a pleasure for us to announce that all bounty tokens have been distributed. All tokens are visible on Etherscan - go on and check it:)

The amount of your tokens depends on the final results of the ICO, total token supply, the number of participants, initial bounty allocation and your activity during the whole period of the bounty campaign.

490,712 of tokens were sold.

According to the initial token allocation, 3% is distributed to the bounty campaign.

Just to remember, Initial RocketICO Bounty token allocation was:

  • Signature - 35%
  • Translation - 10%
  • Future contest - 25%
  • Bugs - 10%
  • Twitter, Facebook - 10%
  • Media - 5%
  • Slack - 5%

So that 1,094 members took part in Twitter&Facebook Bounty Campaign therefore each participant's reward seems to be so tiny, but it is only because of 10 per cent which was distributed to the Twitter&Facebook Bounty, and these rules are in their force from the very beginning of the Pre-ICO (August 15, 2017).

Thank you very much, guys, for participating in our project - it was pleasant to cooperate with all of you!