Blue oceans strategy. Rocket DAO Expert approach

There is a well-known concept concerning innovative companies and their growth strategy — Blue Ocean Strategy.


Summing it up:

  • you’d better stop trying to beat competitors in the red ocean — create your own high potential market in the blue ocean free from aggressive rivals;

  • forming your competitive strategy think of new clients of the market who have never been connected with it rather than the typical ones;

  • think of the unusual competitive factors that should be strengthened in comparison with the long ago accepted market standards — add value to your product;

  • what has never been proposed on the market — finding out this missing element and realizing it in practice will create a new market and a new demand for you;

  • engage your team in the decision-making process, explain your point of view and keep them on track of the expectations, lead them by example so that they believed in the power of your blue ocean.


We are sure you are all well acquainted with these principles, but you understand also that we mentioned them all in certain purpose, right?


On Tuesday we conducted another Rocket DAO expert meetup where we came up with a very important idea: any startup which has used Rocket DAO methodologies receives a self-worth intellectual product important for their further development:


  • structure of the business plan good enough for investors;

  • detailed value proposition;

  • actual market research;

  • improved tokenomics model;

  • team’s background description;

  • evaluation of all assets available;

  • comparison between the technologies used and potentially applied;

  • risks map and the instruments for their elimination;

  • customer’s use value;

  • PR and marketing strategy plan approved by experienced experts;

  • and so forth.

Let’s take as an example the evaluation form developed by Alexander Grablevski, Rocket DAO expert, author of the methodologies for tokenomics and market potential evaluation. For the Blockchain rationality usage parameter a startup will have to provide data and proofs for a set of indicators, some of them are described below:



Answering analogue questions for the rest of the parameters for tokenomics evaluation (like incentivization, token economy modelling, scalability, external influencers, and some info questions) will push a startup many steps ahead to the investment readiness.


What is even more important is that after one project conducts a market research for a certain field (or any other relevant analysis), then its team will be able to share the results of this research with other venture market participants for free or for extra remuneration. This way we form an independent startup ecosystem based on knowledge sharing and spreading.


Rocket DAO creates a new market - a new decentralized expert consultancy market helping startups grow and prosper.


According to the Blue ocean model described above Rocket DAO Expert:


  • will be a new market where each expert will value his/her reputation thus giving honest and unbiased reviews which are so much in demand for blockchain startups as ICO market needs recovery (this fact is obvious);

  • investments experts with a good understanding of blockchain technology will finally be united within Rocket DAO Platform what will lead to a quality boost in the researches in this field;

  • experts’ reputation will depend only on the well done activities for the decentralized venture market, not the brand or big corporation standing behind them;

  • to become an expert a nominee will have to first prove his/her analytical skills in the chosen sphere, only then he/she will have access to perform expert functions. If this step is passed successfully and the expert community gives high scores to all tasks performed then an expert may become a methodologist and explore new interesting professional fields (as we will implement an educational unit to the Expert platform);

  • investors lack true experts in the blockchain ecosystem and that is what we are giving to them — an independent expert community actively developing and enlarging their skills in the most promising market share;

  • Rocket DAO team are promoters and blockchain evangelists in their market as we regularly organize conferences and meetups for our community in order to discuss most important and urgent issues concerning further development of the expert community;

  • Rocket DAO is a revolutionary solution for the venture market, right now you have an opportunity to feel it on your own — try Beta version of the Platform (on test Kovan network) and become a part of the global fundraising ecosystem in one click.


Decentralization, true value, expertise, transparency, and independence - these words are all about Rocket DAO. This will be a place powered by synergy effect of the interactions between ecosystem participants. And we are doing our best to cure the market. Become its part!

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