Beta launched! The DAO done right

Venture market needs disruption


Humanity will change greatly in the recent 30 years, it’s the fact which actually needs no proof. This evolution will take place due to the constant appearance of new innovative startups on the market and the unbelievable speed of this trend all over the world. This situation will be boosted as well with new technologies like Internet, blockchain and so on, which will be winning the hearts of our generation even more rapidly. In order to catch up with these changes we are developing Rocket DAO, we are developing a conveyor for the quick expert startup’s evaluation and fundraising.


So please welcome, we are ROCKET DAO - a decentralized crowdfunding and startup evaluation platform fully powered by the concept of Web 3.0 forming backend on the Ethereum blockchain (EOS will be added later).


We are super glad to announce that our Beta-version is ready for your test-drive!


Now we are actively testing and improving our Beta version working on the test Kovan ethereum network. Everybody having tried the functionality of the Platform, having created funds and invested in other projects will receive our ROCK tokens as a bounty remuneration. Instructions are available via the link.


Rocket DAO

Our mission is to digitize the existing startup evaluation and fundraising rounds. The previous year was a real disaster for the ICO market, all the activities performed there wouldn’t give any hope for new the unicorns appearance, all the projects trying to attract financing were actually absolutely row ones with beautiful landings and paid advisors teams only. Projects did everything possible to attract millions of dollars for non-tested ideas without MVPs. The scoring market looked like a one huge scam project where the only criterion for the startup success was the level of its hype, where all evaluation reports could be easily bought by the interested parties. Putting tokens on the stock exchanges as soon as token sale is over was a bad idea as well because led to the price reduction in the shortest period of time. Utility, security tokens, SEC and so on put startup founders and ICO backers under great risk all the time.


Here in Rocket DAO we chose our own way based on our personal investments market understanding. We are creating a hybrid market combining:

  • tokens and the culture of mass investing from the ICO market,
  • and the round system and legal matters from the classical venture market.


We are true adepts of the independent transparent market, all interactions and transactions are recorded in the smart contracts. We have been working on this system for many months so that to make a well-organized interactions between startups, backers, and experts. All rules are transparent and each participant should receive what he/she is looking for.

The round system which has worked so well for the classical venture market now perfectly suits our innovative platform. In this model a project receives a small amount of money during pre-seed stage, develops an MVP and claims for the Seed and moves towards even more mature rounds (A,B and so on). This variant is much better than Escrow as it doesn’t let any third parties interfere in the "magic" of the process of product development and prevents from tough pivots.


Rocket DAO investor


Imagine that now anybody can create their own funds with their own rules. You have always been dreaming of a Fund named after you where you are the only one making any decisions - do it! Would like to create a Fund with your friends - here you are! Funds with 100-1000 members where you will all together vote to jointly decide if the startup is worth financial support. Quorum can be also defined: from a single resolver to a quorum of 100%.


And what is important. We are no way involved in the Funds activities or their transactions, all assets are under your full control and their safety is guaranteed by mart contracts.


Rocket DAO expert


Another part of our team is actively working on the development of a decentralized expert community. Our experts have already developed 14 methodologies, still very soon we are about to present to you a unique solution for the project’s evaluation.


What should you know about this product:

  • Anybody may become an expert of our Platform;

  • We know how to assess the quality of expertise of an expert!

  • We are among the first in the world collecting data about experts, what means that we will have a unique set of competences about for each participant of our community;

  • All expert activities will be recorded in the blockchain;

  • We are creating the biggest funnel where experts themselves and the market will leave only the most capable ones;

  • The first several reviews for the startups will be organized with our funding unless we are sure that we are providing a high-quality comprehensive audit of the projects.


Rocket DAO startup


Our innovative solution will make a startup's roadmap - from idea's validation to market placing and fundraising - a more convenient one as:


  • Now startups don’t have to worry about creating personal profiles and developing smart contracts;

  • KYC and AML will not bother you as well as all the platform’s users will be verified;

  • You can choose in what countries to attract financing;

  • If you are a fan of the private crowdsales then we are here to assist you creating private funds to which you will be able to invite backers and investors of your choice;

  • You receive access to statistics about all experts and investors;

  • You may find your future advisors among our experts;

  • Accumulating the critical number of investors on our platform we give you an opportunity to devote more time and money to developing your product rather than on marketing and PR. You pitch your project on the platform this way attracting financing;

  • You will receive the necessary set of documents depending on the type of fundraising. We will update this set and include more and more countries as ICO takes legal character in some of them.



We strongly believe that an absolutely new trend will appear in 2019-2020: startup will tokenize their equity and sell options in the form of shares of their companies. It will lead to the creation of a secondary liquidity market where anybody will be able to sell their shares and buy some just in a few minutes.


Using a security stock you will perform any activities with your equity following all legal terms. New ICO operators are appearing nowadays, they help projects legally tokenize their companies’ shares


What are we striving to?

  • We are looking for partner funds with whom we will constantly improve our strategy.
  • We are about to conduct a private token sale very soon.
  • We will strengthen our community.
  • We will work not only with Ethereum bu also with EOS and other blockchains aiming at boosting their ecosystems with great project developed on them.


No Pasaran!

Why do we strongly believe in the power of the chosen model?

Because we have gone through all these steps (from crowdsale to platform presentation) and we haven’t gone quite with the money raised. On the contrary, we used those money to create something precious and valuable for the market.

We know there are many crypto-sceptics, fans to claim “it will go up no way” or leave negative comments. But what else we know for sure of that we will never change our way, it not the simplest one, but we will eventually find our client, we will be flexible, we will be attentive to the market signals.

We will be there for you.


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