August update. New role on the platform - Accelerators

Hey-Hey! Rocket DAO development team is on the line and we are ready to share August updates with you!




Our platform is constantly and continuously developing! Today we are happy to announce a new role on our platform - Accelerators.


In one of the articles from our new mass media, we have already told you about the functions and importance of accelerators (however, in comparison to incubators, but I know you’ll like it). In Rocket DAO system, an accelerator is a developing an ecosystem product we couldn’t’ but add another exceptional member of it. As their crucial function is to help a young startup grow in the future, they will be able to announce new batches (accelerating programs), monitor the progress of the graduated startups and organize online demo days for our investors on the platform).


For each accelerator on the platform, there are:

  • registration. Create an accelerator account on our platform to attract more prospective projects;

  • profile. Fill in the information about the accelerator and add participants (to do so, they need to be registered on the platform);

  • interaction. Like your favourite startup, comment and share startup cards on social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter).


We are happy to see new accelerators on our platform, and we look forward to your feedback on updates!


Hope you all are fine!

Sincerely, Rocket DAO dev team.

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