Alternative methodology for the project's assets and resources evaluation

Nowadays there is a great number of methodologies letting evaluate the quality and quantity of startup’s resources and assets. But they have serious shortcomings as they do not take into consideration very important things such as intellectual property and the value of creativity and innovation with their potential influence on the financial results of a company. What is completely wrong.


A new methodology we are about to present to you today is different from the majority of existing ones but at the same time, it gives a complex review of assets a startup has. Author of the methodology Valery Kot did an amazing job as his approach:

  • assumes a quality assessment of the startup’s intellectual property, its structure, and relevancy;

  • explains the way the company controls and manages its assets what is very important for the calculations of investor’s risks;

  • requires using startup data from other evaluation methodologies, this turns all methodologies into one intercorrelated system.


Having evaluated the project using this methodology an expert will be able to answer:

  • if the company's assets match the investments stage declared? 

  • if there is any potential for the project’s costs growth?


If you would like to know how to take part in the methodologies development process feel free to contact our community manager Caroline via


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