The 9th methodology for evaluation project's legal risks

Methodology for evaluation project's legal risks by Vsevolod Sanchuk

Dearest expert community! It’s a pleasure for us to announce the newest methodology created by Vsevolod Sanchuk letting you evaluate project's legal risks.

This methodology implies answering the following questions

  • The extent to which existing legal regulation guarantees the absence of legal risks?
  • What needs to be done to the project in order to minimize legal risks?

This methodology consists of two stages. Projects that successfully passed the first stage are allowed to the second stage. Projects that did not pass the first stage are not further evaluated. 

All information presented by the project must be proved with documents or in any other sufficient way.

On each parameter at the second stage experts should decide, if a project presented good enough evidence. If an expert believes that the evidence is sufficient, then the project receives 1 point, if not — 0. At the second stage, the project can score from 0 to 10 points. The more points scored in the second stage, the safer the project is in terms of legal risks.

Look it through and suggest your options to improve and write on Forum whether all the legal aspects are included.

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