The 8th methodology for evaluation project’s tokenomics on Rocket DAO

Good news! Today we are presenting you one of the two new methodologies developed for tokenomics evaluation by Sergei Lavrinenko.

The main idea of the methodology is to inspect the risks of price reduction and to range them. So, the less risks brings the model – the better score it gets. The main assumption is that each project strives to create such a tokenomics model so that its token price would grow in perspective. In other case (stablecoins, for example) this model should not be used as it will provide no profits for the founders.

Each model is evaluated in accordance with the following aspects:

1)  Token emission logics. Risks taken into account for this case are inflation and fraud;

2)  Token distribution model. Key token holders potential behavior. Risks – market making and market dropping (selling all tokens after listing the project on the relevant platforms);

3)  Token fundamental sense, basis & usage within an ecosystem. Risks – glass ceiling/ being marked as a scam project by the community.

And the question for the expert community is whether this tokenomics methodology can sufficiently well evaluate the prospects of a project according to these parameters?

All details you need to know are available via the link.

All the methodologies already accepted by the community you can find and study in our knowledge base. Share your opinion and discuss proposed methodologies in Forum, community and experts need your feedback.

Stay tuned for newest updates and feel free to ask any questions!

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