The 7th methodology for evaluation of project's product is developed

Methodology for evaluation of project's product by Andrei Kuryan​

Dear community, we have a new intriguing methodology for product evaluation, which has 2 main focuses: 

  - Product as a solution of the job-to-be-done problem
  - Correspondence of the product technology to the blockchain paradigm

So, we have quite a simple methodology, by means of which an expert will be able to conclude whether projects are valuable or not, because most of the them simulate the existence of a problem, which their product solves, while the problem may not exist at all. That usually makes the blockchain protocol one of the variants of working with data, but not a necessary tool.  

The question is, whether this methodology is acceptable for product evaluation? 

The author of the methodology - Andrei Kuryan - has first-hand experience in developing a high-quality product, as he is a TRIZ-specialist and coach and took part in development of an invention machine - a unique technical solution for creating new inventions.

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