The 6th methodology for project’s risks evaluation on Rocket DAO

Methodology for project’s risks evaluation

Dear experts! Many methodologies for risk analysis have been created so far. But as we know blockchain sphere is as well a rather risky one,  it means that we need a perfect methodology for project's evaluation on this parameter. But there is a challengeable choice. On one side, we consider the full spectrum of risks of a blockchain project. And on the other, we need a simple methodology for risks evaluation as we will work with a  great number of startups within ROcket DAO. That's why we need different solutions for project's evaluation according to this parameter, so we already have 2 methodologies and we are glad to present you the first one by Sergey Mikhailov, which has 2 main focuses:

1. External risks based on a country in which the project was created, it also includes: political, economic, operation and environmental risks. 

2. Internal risks, which are connected with the chosen strategy, HR-politics, ideas, etc.

In the methodology there are many parameters with a big number of indictors (from 10 to over 20). There are two more important risks, experts should consider, which are not covered by the present methodology. These are:

  • Technological risks;
  • Legal risks.

What do you think: does this methodology enable experts to assess all project’s risks, because successful investments of bakers depends on it? You can take part in discussing the methodologies on our Forum and read all methodologies in Knowledge Base.

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