The 5th evaluation methodology for the project’s market on Rocket DAO 

Evaluation methodology for the project’s market


Dear community! We are glad to present you the 5th methodology has been developed on Rocket DAO by Dominik Franek.

We all understand that the blockchain technology is sustainable to change and it’s full of substitute products, active speculators, unsettled legislation, etc. It explains the importance of considering supersystemic, systemic and subsystem factors that influence the dynamics of project’s market development. This means that the methodology for market evaluation should be more advanced than all developed so far. 

Presented methodology is based on the following parameters for evaluation: 

  • Market
  • Fit
  • Competition
  • Market related risks

Using this methodology an expert should answer the following questions:

  • What is the potential of the market, current and future?
  • How well suited is the project to tackle the market?
  • How strong is the competition?
  • What are potential market related risks and project’s readiness?

Dominik Franek did his best to integrate all these facts into the methodology. We invite everyone to take part in discussing it with the aim to determine strong and weak sides and find out whether the methodology’s framework is enough to evaluate project’s market. You can write your review and take part in discussion on Rocket DAO Expert after registration and read the methodology in our Knowledge Base.

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